Lunar Rescue Mission – Rescue stranded colonists from their doomed moon

[Game] Lunar Rescue Mission

Lunar Rescue Mission  Using realistic physics pilot multiple vehicles to rescue stranded colonists from their doomed moon.
Vehicles include the Mothership, Rescue Lander, Magnetic Rescue Lifter, Moon Buggy, Magnetic Cargo Buggy, Cargo Lifter, Cargo Buggy & Crane.
Complete all lunar missions with 3 stars and gain access to the Sandbox mission with all vehicles available.

Challenging game play with a gripping story line, Lunar Rescue Mission delivers action and adventure in an eerie atmosphere.

Are you skilled enough to succeed?

Lunar Rescue Mission user reviews :

I just finished the 2nd level and afterward it wouldn’t let me do the third level. What do the stars mean? Why is there a person counter? These are things the game doesn’t explain. This could be a good game if they spent more time explaining it and working out the bugs. Update: Having finite fuel makes it less fun. I just did the level where you are supposed to drive the buggy onto the cargo ship but the cargo ship never lowered the ramps. Update: Cargo ship won’t let me control landing it.

This game has so much potential but falls right over its own two feet. The devs have used such a brilliant physics engine for a mobile game but that’s about it for ups. The rest of the game just feels clunky and unfinished – the UI is drab and not informative. Fuel amount doesn’t save so go nuts with checkpoints – oh! But then you won’t get a star on that level! Did you know that? I didn’t until 5 hours later! Complete a level? DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! In my plays doing so reset the level! 2.5/5

I love the challenge & it’s a great game, but something needs to be done about the “scope”. It shows the general direction of where you need to go but Not how to get there. Trying to remember & guess where you’ve been n relation to where you need to go is Very Frustrating. Allow the game to let the lander refuel each time it lands on a pad for rescue. I don’t like the idea that I have to buy the game just to progress past the 1st 6 missions. Please change that.

I nothing wrong with the game as people complain it to be, is it the fact that it’s realistic or what! I love the game anyways, i completed it once and i am downloading it again.. I don’t usually review or rate games, but i was hurt too see one of my favorite games having hate reviews

A simple liner lander game. You only get 6 levels to play for free. So about 30 mins of game play and then it’s over. I still cannot figure out how to earn stars for each level. Thought I tried everything. Over all, there are much better lander games out there.

Really loved this game, the physics in the game is really good. Most people who are giving low rating don’t understand the game. People counter is for the people standing outside. If you collect all the people then you get a star, no respawn you get a star, don’t break the craft you get a star.

Awesome simulator. Nice crisp graphics. Efficient story. The controls take a little nuance and concentration, but they are intuitive enough and easily explained at the outset. Once you get over how easy it is to over-rotate it’s great. If you need a game to slam the jets to 110% all the time this is not the game for you.

Great game!!! People who say its to hard you need to calibrate your fingers to the game it won’t accommodate your inability to learn the basic physics of the game. I have no affiliations with this game or the creators just have extra time on hand to play. I can spend a good 20min at a time just flying around picking up lost space explorers.

I think this is one of the greater lander games I’ve ever played like the fact that you can go in caverns , for your pickups and that you have the mothership yes this is one of the raider games I was addicted to that until I ran out of missions six in total hope ever make more mission soon want to play more difficult missions it’s great

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