Mafia Pride – Survive in a world full of crime

[Game] Mafia Pride

Mafia Pride  In this evil city, the struggle between street gangs is full of violence and conspiracy.

Darkness breeds, the city becomes brutal and ruthless, and eventually becomes a world of crime. Your peaceful life was broken by an unexpected attack. To find out the truth, to take revenge and to survive in a world full of crime, you will, as the child of a wealthy criminal underworld businessman, establish your own family, join the struggle between the gangs and go on the road of growth and revenge.

As the boss of the Mafia Pride, are you ready?

Game Features

Personalized members for you
Recruit your gang members. In the battle of the underworld, only members can protect your glory! Elites from all over the world gather here, waiting for your deployment and dispatch. Each member has unique skill and exclusive captain skill. They also have their own fate. Unlock more special attribute to help you win the battle!

Gangs fight with passion
Use your strategy to allocate resources, build rare equipment, enhance your fighting power, and build your own gangster team to challenge powerful enemies! Collect idle rewards and enhance your battle power with ease. Invite your friends to fight together and get more materials with double rewards. Expel invading players and defend your territory. There’s even a passionate arena for you to join in and be the NO.1 of the world! Constant growth brings additional privileges and benefits, which is also a symbol of your status, and ultimately the evidence of your strength to conquer the underworld.

The Road to Godfather
Start from scratch and use your ability to rule the whole city step by step! The unique underworld emperor ranking system allows you to complete specific upgrade requirements and consume the corresponding resources to raise your emperor rank!

Beauties keep you company
To survive the brutal world of the gangster empire, you’ll have your own beautiful secretaries to help you achieve this goal. The secretaries will lead you to great rewards. Through fun mini-games you can increase your intimacy with them, unlock their own skills and increase your battle power to help you overcome obstacles!

If you have any questions and feedback, you can contact us in the following ways
Your dedicated secretary:
Mafia Pride studio

Mafia Pride user reviews :

The game itself is not bad at all I highly enjoy and recommend it, my only issue with the game is the auto-text. I’ve missed out on a lot of the story between characters because it auto continues before i have the chance to read the whole thing which is annoying but other then that its great.
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Hello BOSS, thanks for your feedback and suggestions, I hope you have a good game and can always support us!
I really like the game, it’s a strategy game, putting people in the right places, graphics are good, high rated heroes are not hard to come by, you can spend real money, but you don’t have to, no complaints.
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Dear Boss,Thanks for your support, I hope you have a good game and can always support us!
Good game, I wish I could control the characters, there needs to be more characters. Some characters are obviously rip offs especially, Joker, Eagle Eye and Jinx.
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Dear Boss,We have received your suggestion,We will continue to produce new characters, Hope you can like our character.
I’ve been waiting for server 6 to open for over a month and still nothing. It’s like the developers gave up on this game and aren’t even trying anymore so I’m just uninstalling it.
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Dear Boss,We are preparing the new server, Please wait patiently. We will inform you as soon as possible after opening the new server. Thank you for your support.
very easy to play and i like the game its free to use not like other games its different because of storyline
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Dear Boss,Thanks for your support, I hope you have a good game and can always support us!
Great game, love the graphics and characters. Keep up the great work!!
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Dear Boss,Thanks for your support, I hope you have a good game and can always support us!
Very smooth playing experience.. hope to add more Mafia/gang characters in teh future like Scarface and others
  • Enjoy mobile game limited
  • Thanks for your support, I hope you have a good game and can always support us!

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