Mafia World – Building an outstanding Mafia Empire

[Game] Mafia World

Mafia World  The best strategy game of Mafia.

Mafia World is a completely new mafia game that combines classic Mafia RPG elements, looting and building an outstanding Mafia Empire, with stunning PVP battles. Start proving your gangster skills today!

From the creators of MafiaBattle and MafiaCreator

Build the Mafia Empire / city of your dreams, and farm resources to train your Bosses!

Bosses & Weapons Cards Collection
Recruit and collect hundreds of legendary Bosses and powerful weapons!

Play Epic PVP Battles
Play intense multiplayer PVP Battles and loot from your opponents.

Jobs & Crimes
Commit crimes, loot rare items and successfully complete jobs for unique rewards that will help you grow in the world of Mafia!

Multiplayer Looting (soon)
Loot storage depots in real-time together with other gangsters and collect exclusive items and resources!

Upgrade Everything
Level up your Bosses, buildings and weapons!

Gather resources to build your criminal Empire!

Play together
Start or join a Clan (soon), chat with other players (soon) and compete in epic clan battles!

Weekly League (soon)
Participate in the Weekly Leagues and open legendary Chests!

Mafia World is a free crime game that will remind you of classical criminal / mafia themed games, transformed in a brand new Mafia 2020 style experience. Become a Mafia Boss and build your Crime Empire now!

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Mafia World user reviews :

Great game, nice to see a different take on gameplay. I bought the starter pack for around $7.50Aus and scored one legendary and two epic bosses thru draws with the tokens given in pack, so higher raritys are achievable, nice artwork on characters. Overall Great game so far will update my review later down the track.

1. I am not able to use items in the inventory 2. During battle changing the boss characters is very difficult, its not working properly. Once both the issues are solved will add two more star to make it 5 :) The game concept is wonderful
  • GamoVation
  • Hello Samarpan! 1. Items in your inventory can’t be used starting from your inventory, but they can be used on different screens in the game that are related to those items. 2. Changing bosses works, but there is a 5-second cooldown on the arrows. Only each 5 seconds, you can use the same arrow again. We hope this clarifies! Enjoy Mafia World!

Yor advancement in this game is purely money driven it quite stupid, your story line is non existent and you really need to not make games and your eye for detail is terrible, if you think you gonna survive making this game your quite laughable.

There’s a lot of waiting if you don’t want to spend money but that comes with most games overall a good game though.

I use play mafia city back in the day and loved it. This game kinda has me hooked how that one did except this one is better I’d have to say.

love it would like to be able to recruit higher star bosses

good game, easy controls,
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you very much. We are truly happy that you like our mafia game!

Boring, I couldn’t bother to play for 10 minutes. The game pace is very slow, the prices are high and aren’t easy to get in a short time, since the rewards from the tasks are also irritatingly low. You need to hook the players in keeping to play, how do you do that? Well, throw out more rewards, make the prices lower, make us feel satisfied with our gains. Fast paced games always attract players and keep their attention. Sorry if this is harsh… Have a nice day!

So far enjoying the game. still checking it out. will renew my review later

Change my review from 5s to 3s. There’s a lot of annoying things in this game that got me frustrated. 1st, the “1 gold” value after you watch ads. Guys, c’mon. Out of 10 ads that I’ve watched. 8 of it rewarded me of 1 gold only. Are you serious? Your player supporting you by watching ads yet you give them a crappy reward. 2nd, the crime rate success is on 88% to 96%, yet you still arrested and send to prison. Thats a high percentage, not reasonable to failed your crime activity.
  • GamoVation
  • Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions John. You can upgrade the Gold Machine through the Research Lab so it will never provide you with 1 gold anymore. However, we are aware and agree that something has to be done to make the gold machine feel more rewarding. We will work on that during the next updates including the crime system!

The game is amazing!!! First time I played it!!! Thank you!!!!

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