Magatsu Wahrheit – Seeking the Truth behind the Mysterious LIGHT

[Game] Magatsu Wahrheit – Global version

Magatsu Wahrheit  Real-time online JRPG with epic scenario, Available NOW!!

A high-tension adventure of seeking the Truth behind the Mysterious LIGHT

1. Epic 3D action Online RPG, featuring a peak production team from Japan
(Original work/Script: Shouda Miwa; Music: Yokoyama Masaru; Character Design: Third Echoes)
2. Touching over 1.5 million players across Japan – Featuring several famous voice actors:
(CV:Koyama Rikiya 、Kawasumi Ayako、Morikawa Toshiyuki、 Kakihara Tetsuya、 Sawashiro Miyuki、Toriumi Kohsuke、Sugita Tomokazu、Saito Soma、 Ishitobi Erika、 Kito Akari、 Uchida Maaya 、Yuuki Aoi)
3. Fight along your allies and captains as part of the Mobile Corps!
(Real-time Online Battles, repel your foes with your friends!)
4. Aim for SS-tier guild, fight for the glory of the strongest
(Communicate anytime using stickers, fight alongside other guild members)
5. 3D Action team-play RPG with high quality Japan style animation
(Immerse yourself into the world full of Light and Despair)

Magatsu Wahrheit user reviews :

So I honestly really love magatsu, I’m sad I discovered it so late. It’s the kind of game I’ve been looking for. I can set goals for myself that make me want to keep progressing, the story is actually worth reading, and the VA and art are top notch. My biggest gripe though is getting free gems. I get y’all gotta make money but given we need gear for power levels, it would be nice to have a way to get free gems a little easier. Please don’t close global, this has so much potential! Keep going!!

Firt time I was excited to write a review. It is a great game the equipment is 70% understandable, the plot is good, nice character design, mentally and physically. And the class difference is definitely clear Defense Is Defense, Warrior Is Warrior etc. I am so thankfull that I don’t need to be a certain level for certain equipment. Great combat, very easy to get the hang of. Good job Depending on your graphics I don’t care I like the game.

Beautiful game! I’ve been having a lot of fun with this. For once it’s not a super p2w game and f2p is pretty even. I’d complain about high prices for gacha but thats not even a game killer. I think it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. It’s there if you want to spend if you don’t there’s ways to play as well!

Beyond a joke. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get the stupid, annoying ‘unable to connect to server’ at the beginning of the game so I can’t enjoy the graphics or gameplay. Absolutely sickening you have the bare faced cheek to add this to play store without maybe thinking to allow players to download chapters so this doesn’t occur. The only tension in this game is the fact YOU CANNOT PLAY IT!

I would say it is the best! The mechanics, gameplay character voices, designs it’s awesome! I just wish you will give a little bit luck with gacha. I’m a free to play player but after spinning using 200gems I didn’t get any SSR equipments which is kinda sad after so much effort in collecting and saving them. :( Anyways, Awesome game!

It’s not bad, I just finished chapter one. I planned to listen to/read the story but I dozed off midway so I had to skip everything. Gameplay wise, you can literally be any job you want as long as you want to level up all jobs to max. Your strength heavily relies to gacha as your active skills are engraved onto the weapons(fire magic in some staff, provoke skill in some boardsword, poison debuff in some knife, etc). I’m having fun so far but the controls might need some work.

WOW! This game actually has what alot of appstore games don’t nowadays, Freedom to Explore/Play without Limitation This is the good kind of MMORPG with no intrusive Ads or Harsh Paywalls Not only that but the graphics and battle System are also easy to adjust the only issue is an occasional Frame rate hiccup here and there, but overall this is a Well Designed App, this kind of game deserves more attention & Portable Console Ports to the Nintendo Switch, PS VITA, and Nintendo 3DS.

Story kept me going, the gameplay isnt the type where you be going “oooohh yeahh baby, finally!!!” But maybe it can make you go kinda “hmm, interesting..” With this kind of feature, one thing maybe it is lacking, is voice chatting, where people is fighting and you can talk to the people that is fighting with you right now, and maybe strategize. Thats it for me, hope the game gets better and better!!

This game is good on its own playstyle, lot of grinding time make world chat empty since you cant chat a lot, and limited word with a lot of censorship, if you cant farm then ask people on ur guild or make a discord guild chat, top 100 not really p2w, most of them are hard grinding player, so if you cant farm dont blame the system

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