Magic Survival – Wipe out infected spirits

[Game] Magic Survival

Magic Survival  Too many death magics have been abused for the decades of wizard war…

The spirit living in nature becomes a demon by remnants of the magics that pervaded it, and it devours all living creatures.

Wipe out infected spirits coming from everywhere with various magic

Magic Survival user reviews :

Fantastic game brought down by a terrible English translation. The English is intelligible enough that you can still figure things out, but virtually all the text reads like it was translated in Google Translate. It’s clear that they put a fair bit of effort into the story, but all of that becomes complete gibberish in English. Please redo the translation with someone who’s actually fluent in the language!

Fun lil game about being a test-dummy in a sci-fi/fantasy world. Adds aren’t intrusive, gameplay is simple but engaging, and working out how abilities work together (IE trying to balance close spells with long-range ones to kill swarm without leaving yourself unable to break through crowds) is fun. Main issue is that some of the language on the spell descriptions is unclear. It’s not big, complex, or deep, but it’s peak 2000s-era flash game content, and that’s what I want out of apps.

I absolutely love this game! It’s a lot of fun, has that sort of random item collection, survive the waves, feel. Has a LOT of content! It will take me forever to unlock everything, but not in a bad way. The only thing I wish that would be different is if the controls had the option to “follow your finger” instead of a joystick. I have trouble with the joystick sometimes and can’t make the manuevers I wish I could. I am trying to get better despite that one issue

I am so unexpectedly in love! This game is difficult, chaotic, fast paced, simple old school style game with no annoying micro transactions bs! Graphics suits the game, beautifully simple. But maybe this game can fasten progress up a little, since one game can take too long (5-15 mins new to game, 30+ mins experienced). In game descriptions need some improvements as of today. I wish for scarier looking enemies and animated storyline!

A super fun time. Clearly has a lot of care put into it. Ads are few and far between (Only $4 to remove them). The gameplay is actually very deep for a one stick game, and the progression systems are amazing. The difficulty is perfect. Only complaint is that the translation job is pretty bad, I’d really like to get a better idea of the story and individual spell upgrades, but you figure it out eventually. Amazing job, totally worth a download! Keep up the amazing work developer!

This is truly an awesome game. Great sound effects, difficult but fair progression, and a big, fun magic system. I like all the little details in the game, such as saving your progress if you leave the game sitting too long, the ability to change perks for free, and the brief grace period after unpausing so the player can settle back into the game. It is well-worth the few dollars to remove ads! The only complaint I have is the translations are pretty rough. It is not enough to remove a star!

Has potential for greatness but has some big flaws. One is that incorrect English & typos make it impossible to know what a lot of the powerups do, and there is also a big where the joystick gets stuck in one direction meaning certain death (which is frustrating when you’re trying to survive for a long time)… Still very addicting and fun game!

Really love this game and can’t wait to see how it improves over time. Ads stay a minimal which is great. Gameplay is fun and rogue like elements keep you wanting to try again with new magic spell combos, specially when you learn about mixing mastered ones. Some minor translation issues but nothing that ruins the game. Would love to see some more complexity in the leveling system and hopefully later on some more interesting components in the level design its atmospheric but bare.

What a great game! Been playing for a few days and just love it. Plenty of options to upgrade your character and weapons, plus ads are minimal and not obnoxious. The longer you play, the more difficult the levels, but its fun to grind away and they provide optional purchases to advance quickly. Been playing for a couple of weeks and only issue I have is Research Points get very costly after the first few levels are obtained. The first level of Research Points should all cost the same.

Ignore the graphics, they are actually wonderfully fitting :) This game is just so enjoyable! Love testing different builds. So many fun skills to choose from! So many monsters to kill! I only wish the descriptions of a few skills were better, and the English isn’t very good, but it’s generally good enough. Far from an actual problem. You can watch an ad once to get revived if you die. That’s fine, it’s a free game. The only mandatory ad is when you die for real and it’s about 5 seconds long.

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