Magic Towers Solitaire – Fill the realm with magical towers and castles

[Game] Magic Towers Solitaire – Tri Peaks

Magic Towers Solitaire  This is the free solitaire game played hundreds of millions of times by all types of players around the world.

It combines a smooth card game experience with a beautiful and relaxing setting.

Originally released as an online card game, our version of Tri-Peaks solitaire has now found even more fans on mobile. Use your skill and intelligence to fill the realm with magical towers and castles. Remove all three peaks by matching cards that are one higher or lower than your current card. You don’t need to match them by their suits, only by their value. To grow your high scores you must win as many rounds as you can in a single game.


Builds on the popular tri-peaks card game which is a unique variant of classic solitaire.
Enchanting graphics set in a fantastical realm.
Simple controls and smooth gameplay.
High score leader boards so you can play with friends and family.
Atmospheric sound effects.
Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume. So you are free to play whenever time allows.

We trust you will enjoy playing and relaxing with Magic Towers Solitaire!

Magic Towers Solitaire user reviews :

One of the best little solitaire games I’ve ever played and I don’t have to spend a fortune to play plus as soon as I get another Google Play card I will upgrade it’s nice the way the game is set up and because I don’t have to spend a fortune it makes you want to do the little upgrades so keep up the good work guys can someone tell me what kind of scores do I have to get to activate the build mode . I upgrade this little game to 10
  • Glowing Eye Games Limited
  • Score build mode is activated when it is checked off in the Options menu and your top ten scores are full. It works by accumulating points until you have enough to displace one of your top ten, then the score resets back to zero to begin the process again.

I can’t give you a five star right now because of cardstick and they don’t want to go down on the pile I don’t know what’s going on but they stick like crazy and you cannot make it work you have to pound like four three or four times before it does anything so when that problem gets fixed then I’ll give you a higher score cuz I like the game

Great game – highly addictive during lockdown – make sure you have the ” Score Builder ” engaged – I hit 3 million once – still looking for 4 – Good Luck – Great fun while you’re watching a repeat movie …..

Simple and relaxing. Bright simple graphics and easy listening to background sounds of birds singing. Good for my anxiety!

Great for the brain ( i think ) also challeging, frustrating and enjoyable

I have had this game on all my devices. I really enjoy playing this card game. Thank You

Love how I can just play and play and never get stopped by a lack of in-game money. The lack of microtransaction prompts is also amazing. Played this game when it was on Facebook and I’m glad to see it hasn’t changed one bit. Forever will be one of my favorite games.

I have seen that many apps are taking advantage of the quarantine by charging more, and I want to commend this one for not only not doing this, but so far today, there have been no ads during my playing time.

Great game, wish there was more cosmetics like different backgrounds and different card decks

Its a good game and if played right you don’t have keep starting afresh if you lose a round.

Paid $2.99 for the NO ADS VERSION once before but had to pay $2.99 AGAIN even though it displayed purchased in Google Play. Mistakenly uninstalled the game the first time & apparently, only the annoying Ad Version is shown paid. Pissed I had to pay TWICE for this game!

this game is challenging, but not too hard. it is just right to relax at the end of the day!!!!! it has beautiful graphics! a must have for your collection! I love it

Game not very responsive! I remember this from ios and enjoyed it so downloaded for android phone. Found it to be difficult to select cards which obviously add slows play down.

Although it took a long time to get it is an absolute pleasure to have a. good game like this!please get rid of some adverts after games

I love this particular game of patience because it is fast and a score of 1,000,000 is attainable if you are patient!!!!!.

Love this game. So happy to find it. Played it years ago. Just a very relaxing game with great visuals and sound.

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