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[App] Magical Girl Dress Up – Magical Monster Avatar

Magical Girl Dress Up  Magical Girl Dress Up: Magical Monster Avatar is a new avatar making app for creating various Monster avatars that you can use anywhere and everywhere.

The Magical Girl Dress Up app is easy to use, and you will learn how to make your own avatar right away! Create a new anime avatar any time you want, have fun! Show this incredibly monster character creator app to your friends, so that they can make avatars too. Enjoy the newest monster avatar app on the market!


1. Make your monster avatar
2. Select the shape of eyes, eyebrows and mouth!
3. Create a variety of facial expressions to show different moods!
4. Combine different clothes and accessories – glasses, masks, hats, swings, tails!
5. Put your moving avatar in front of a beautiful background!
6. Save your avatar in your smartphone gallery!
7. You can share your animated avatar via email, text message, Bluetooth and on social networks!
8. Eyes provide great animation.

Data is stored on the device in this game. The data stored will also be deleted at the time of game deletion.

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Magical Girl Dress Up user reviews :

It’s a really good game! The art style is cute and it’s easy to use but, recently when I click on the bow for the hats section, nothing shows up except the box with the X in it to remove everything. Everything else works just fine though so, please fix this bug!

The game isn’t all that bad, but there are a few things that need fixing. The color options are a big one. The color wheel isn’t all that great and the colors also need to be fixed too. There is also a glitch in the game that makes some of the options disappear. I feel like that there should also be more heads that match the bodies too. It’s not that bad of a game, but it does need some attention though. I hope to see this get fixed in the future though.

The game is really good to play with but the only problem is there’s a bug where the wings or ears just disappear, and the head doesn’t really match with the body, but i really like the game

Its cute, i love the art syle but, there isn’t any indication that you have place multiples of one object. I suggest adding a side bar to show which objects have multiples and a button to delete them. Also the colors, y’all really need to update them. They all honestly look like you just changed the values in Photoshop. The color wheel isnt better. Its incredibly finicky. Like if you picked a green and then went to adjust the shade, no matter how hard you try it will change to color red.

I love this game there hardly any ads and of there are they are really short but there is a few things that are annoying sometimes when click on the icons there is nothing and it’s annoying but overall I love it!!!

The only dress up game that is enjoyable in my opinion. The ads are fine. It’s not cringe it’s exemly adorable. I’m not kidding, I’ve been looking for one fashion app that is actually good and you wouldn’t believe how hard it’s been. 5stars

I love this app a lot. But there seems to be a bug where the clothing just won’t show up. Like the pants won’t show up or the face details. I don’t know if this is something that is being looked into but I hope it gets fixed soon. Other then this issue, I’m in love with this app!!

The game is cute and has a lot of options for designs, but somehow I cannot get any of the bang options on my app to appear. The tab still exists but the selection is completely gone.

Great game but lately some items doesn’t show up like the tails and head stuff plz fix these glitches

Amazing but there is WAY to many adds but cute game please make more dress up games

The eyes arnt working they dont show up otherwise I love this app

I love this app but there’s a glitch that the clothes won’t show up like the shirts. I even tried undownloading it and downloading it again and it still won’t show up. please fix this

Its a really good app its just the eyes there so weird so plzz get rid of those eyes pls and ty

Wow. Just, wow. The options are amazing. You can make fricking My Little Pony characters, heck, you can make Muffet, (undertale) it’s just cool. Great quality as well! :) I recommend if you like games of these sorts.

A great dress up game. I make at least a character a day. and i love how you can get keys to unlock items (dont ask why). Not all are locked though, only a few which you can easily unlock. its still so much fun to create an oc, because, they give you so many options to pick from. I def recommend this app. And if you want another great dress up game, go to monster girl creator. thanks forr reading, and, bye.

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