Mahjong 3 – Clear all matching tiles as quick as possible

[Game] Mahjong 3

Mahjong 3  Presenting new title by 1C Wireless – Mahjong 3!

There are three game modes for you to enjoy:

Classic – Original Mahjong Solitaire. Play as long as you want!
Time Attack – Clear all matching tiles as quick as possible!
Challenge – For Advanced players. You have limited time to choose your Tiles. The faster you select the Tiles, the higher will be your score for the move!

Win in Challenge mode to unlock more towers.


Large and clear graphics of mahjong tiles! Best for your eyes!
Full undo!
Different backgrounds and themes!
New super SHUFFLE feature when no more moves are available!
Hints: possible moves can be highlighted!

Note: version 1.4 or higher is required to access new Google Play leaderboard.

This free solitaire game is also known as Mahjong Solitaire, Taipei Mahjongg, Shanghai Mah-Jong, Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Trails, Mahjong Titans, Kyodai.

Mahjong 3 user reviews :

Love this! Graphics are great! I love the symbols! Addictive!! Lol! Help!!

Just what i was looking for. I’ve been looking for a good mahjong game, something i can play offline in particular. I understand the need for ads to get free games but at least these are unobtrusive at the bottom. To those of you who might complain how hard it is to play, this is another version of solitaire and that it’s hard to win is the nature of the game. If I won every time I wouldn’t bother playing.

Love All Mahjong games where I am able to enlarge them..and there is no time limit to make feel rushed and nervous. Many I play and YesxThey Do Bring Me Smiles And Relaxiation…helping me to use my mind in daiky ways too.Thinking is Critical for playing these games. More fun than chess to me for the most part. Chess is too serious..Mahjong Is SeriousxFun. Thank You. Moi from Maine usa.

So far I have had good luck on playing this I am now in the bigger puzzles it’s easy to play and I am enjoying it

It’s fun and a lot simpler to play than most of the other Mahjong games. I especially like not having to play against the clock.Thank you

This game is quite fun. Many options of play. I particularly like the many different classic designs and the daily layouts.

Im a fan of Mahjong n just about any form. The only downside 2 this 1 is the tiles r a bit 2 small. Of course that is my personal opinion. My sight isnt the best so Im sure its fine 4 others.

Its relaxing but yet challenging. Happy medium.

Fun game and not too easy or too hard. Can be played offline and no ads unless you run out of shuffles, which is a plus!!

Great little mind game to play to keep your mind off things. Keeps your mind stimulated. Ads pop up and cover part of the screen.

I wish I could tell the difference in the levels of tiles. It’s hard to know what’s open or not

I have always enjoyed playing Mahjong, but the graphics are beyond any other game I have been playing. There are many choices for me to choose from.

I have always enjoyed it. I had to buy it again because I could not update it. My old version had two more tile sets though.

It is eye tireing, the blocks are small for the screen, but it is fun.

I have enjoyed the game so far. Don’t really care for the layouts.

I don’t like timed games I yried the challenge ones and it turned our to be timed too. There are only a few classic ones do guess I will be uninstalling this one.

This a nice game some are easy and some are not but it keeps you ocupied that is what I want when you are over 70

I have been playing Mahjong for only a short time but now that I’ve gotten the hang of playing it, I enjoy Mahjong very much. I have no complaints.

I enjoy most mahjong games but this one is different because it will start out easy and then slowly get more challenging

It’s great….The game is responsive,I hate going back over and over to get a tile to respond!Thank you….E

So far I like this mahjong . Mainly I like the idea I can play it even if I have no internet . service

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