Mahjong Blossom – Various tile arts and themes

[Game] Mahjong Blossom

Mahjong Blossom  Mahjong Blossom is a free Mahjong game with no in-app purchases.

You can enjoy more than 2000 levels, various tile arts and themes.
If you like Mahjong games, Mahjong Blossom is the game you are looking for.

This game is also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai Mahjongg.

Daily Challenge
Free 2000 More Game Levels.
20 backgrounds.
11 tile art.
Auto save
Auto zoom in
Auto reshuffle

Mahjong Blossom user reviews :

Great game over all! Love the fact that there are very little ads, not enough to be annoying. Graphics are beautiful. So many options for play and variety of tile sets, which you also have the option to toggle from one game to the next.

Beautiful layout/interface and color scheme—not standard look , so it has an above aversge aesthetic. Also provides an added level of challenge, as not all the tiles are available for matching at the start.

Nice mahjong game. Tiles are a bit small for big hands. But you have to make matches fast to keep your stars.

Timed so not casual. Having to double tap pieces. Do3s not work in landscape mode. Match sound is irritating.

So addictive! I played every level of every game. I then went through and replayed the games that needed a better score. I’ve just finished every game and level with 3* on every one. I did the same with the daily games. Now I’ve run out of games to play Please add more!!!!!

Great wee game keeps ur mind active yet at the same time you get so caught up in it that you forget all concept of time,,, would be a great game for all ages especially people who have been told to keep the mind active,,,, Cathy Dillon

So far I’m very happy with this game. I think the tiles are beautifully done. Enjoy playing for long periods of time

Challenging and fun…little confused about the point system and what it does.

I’ve just on the beginner level and I like very much how it gets bigger as you have less tiles I like the backgrounds and I like the tiles

Beautiful graphics and very challenging! Could have option to remove ads!

I love the randomness of this peaceful serene game Thank You so much its beautiful stress free. Especially great for people like me who suffer from high anxiety and previous strokes. I cant stop playing!! Great Job Thanks Again!!

New player. Ads are unobtrusive, tile and background choices are good but the music is very annoying (turned off). I’m still at the beginner level but am enjoying this game.

First, Thank you for making a game where all the variety of tile sets are available. That is what keeps me interested in any Mahjongg game I love it!! Thank you, for finally making one with so many beautiful tile set disigns and backgrounds w/many layouts a ton of different levels And that all are available immediately w/NO in app purchase. Thank you, GB Games. FINALLY !!!!

Great designs, relaxing music as wellas gameplay. A good selection of designed background and tiles, although all small printed that can confuse if your easily destracted.

Love this new mahjong game! Tiles and backgrounds are gorgeous; tiles are unique. All available at start, don’t have to stay with same one until earning others! Only suggestion would be to have sliders for music and sound effects so music can be adjusted up and effects down (as effects are too loud compared with music). I like the “clacking ” tiles, but just not so loud! Otherwise great mahjong game!

One of my favorite Mahjong games. If only there were no ads it would be my favorite. They’re not obtrusive tho.

I love all of GB’s games! Vivid colors, exquisitely laid out and loads of fun to play! I must confess, this one is quickly becoming my fav!

I love this game I’ve tried several mahjong games and these tiles are easier to read than most.the graphics are great and the action is smooth. Also the ads are fewer than some of the other games I’ve tried even though they still do have them. Keep up the great work!

THE BEST out of 100’s shown!!!! I LOVE all the different tiles. i accidentaly deleted it and it took me hours to find it again. The only MAHJONG BLOSSOM that shows at playstore is the wrong one. Im not sure how I was able to find this one again. perhaps the user was doing something the wrong way.

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