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Mahjong by Microsoft  Escape in the tranquil beauty of Mahjong by Microsoft where hundreds of tile matching puzzles are ready to solve in the popular game of strategy, memory, and skill. Play among gorgeous backgrounds, relaxing sounds, and unique themes to match any mood.

Relax as you earn points by completing mahjong puzzles at your own pace. Use HINTS or SHUFFLE tiles for ease of play. Earn extra points when you solve puzzles without HELP, or match the same suit of mahjong tiles in a row to create a chain bonus. Choose a higher LEVEL of DIFFICULTY to earn even more points! Unlock NEW mahjong tile sets & backgrounds as you level up. Customize your board or bookmark your FAVORITES to play again and again.

Five (5) DAILY CHALLENGES available for you to complete each day. Achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, or a Perfect Badge for completing ALL challenges EVERY DAY of the month! Choose from Classic Challenges, Golden Tiles, Lightning Tiles, Match Attack, or Score Attack. For even MORE excitement, turn on the timer to challenge your speed.

No matter how you play, enjoy a peaceful journey in Mahjong by Microsoft.

Hundreds of Puzzles to Solve
5 Unique Daily Challenges Every Day
Earn Points & Collect Achievements
New Tile Sets & Backgrounds
Bookmark Favorite Puzzles to Play Again
Customize Your Game Board
Train Your Brain with Tile-Matching Fun
Relax among Tranquil Scenes & Soothing Sounds

Sign-in with a Microsoft Account to save your progress, collect achievements, and play across multiple mobile devices.

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Mahjong by Microsoft user reviews :

Good game and can be quite challenging. Bloody nuisance lately though because it closes without warning and you lose everything. I’ll give it one more chance. I’ll uninstall and reload to see if we have a new version available. If it happens again ……… I can live without it. That seems to have worked no probs since delete and reload.

It would be great but keeps shutting down mid-game! This is incredibly annoying! And were I in the slightest bit bothered by scores, I’d be annoyed by the fact that some matches will register in that they disappear and the noise changes pitch, but it doesn’t always score. Since catching it out of the corner of my eye, I’ve been more aware of it (it’s a random event). It would also help to know which “odd” tiles connect with others & how many shuffles we have, etc.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Thank you for your feedback. We would appreciate more details about your experience so our team can offer solutions. Please contact us directly at: ( so we can help. Thank you again!

My favorite game is Microsoft Mahjong, I used to play it when I use windows 7. This helps my brain to stay relax and understand and discover new patterns. Just one problem in the game which I didn’t like. Which is ad placement, please remove the ad position from the top in a game, that’s ruining overall visualization of the game, and some time it’s distracting also.

This is good game with a good puzzle selection but it could be better. I really think that shading the unmatched tiles should be an option. I don’t care for it and never use it in the pc version. I’d also like to see the number and difficulty level of the puzzle displayed.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Thanks for your review! This sounds like a strange issue. We’d love to help, please reach out to us here: That way our team can help answer your questions directly and quickly. Thanks again!

The interface is organized and tactile, the daily challenges are pretty good, and the boards are varied and interesting. Everything you would expect from a Mahjong game. Three stars removed for ridiculously long and intrusive ads, as well as an asinine money grabbing ad policy. You have to subscribe to remove ads. Let that sink in. Microsoft can afford not to put ads in their games… seriously, its so irritating and removes any degree of mindfulness you are looking to achieve.

Congrats to the Microsoft Casual Games team. I’ve tried many Mahjong games on Android and iOS over the years. This new design towers above them all. Exceptional graphics, music and sound effects. Smooth and relaxing, yet challenging game play. An enormous variety of board designs, and generous selection of backgrounds. It’s worth going ad-free now IMO. I only wish there was a tablet-friendly landscape mode. Many developers say landscape is a PITA to implement on Android. Blame Google for that.

Decent playable version of the game. The only problem I have is with the taboola adverts that are geographically targeted – most are ok, but there are occasions when the advert is blank which causes mahjong to crash. The programmers don’t have error trapping to deal this error which is sloppy coding and should be in place to allow play to continue and not crash. Also taboola should not host unchecked adverts.

Very enjoyable version of Mahjong. Two things kept it from 5 stars. Login screen every time the app starts. If I want to log in I’ll log in, if not why waste time with a screen I’m always going to say no to. Secondly, the ads. Not every level but when it is time they can’t be skipped. VERY annoying and very long. I’m sure Microsoft don’t need the revenue that badly. Skippable ads, like most games would be nice.

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