Mahjong Match Puzzle – Compete for the world best record

[Game] Mahjong Match Puzzle

Mahjong Match Puzzle  Challenge the stages with more enhanced amusements and various designs!


Tons of stages with fine & delicate designs
8 kinds of Mahjong tile designs (classic mahjong tiles, character tiles, Hanafuda tiles, Playing card tiles, Jelly tiles etc.)
Powerful supporting items that help players
Arcade mode: Compete for the world best record
1: 1 multiplayer mode: real-time PvP against players from all over the world
Leaderboard, Achievement supported
16 languages supported
Tablet devices & smart pads supported

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Mahjong Match Puzzle user reviews :

A very challenging game. However, I do mot understand the Gold Stars. How do you achieve 2 or 3 stars? I usually only get one star even if I made no mistakes and tried to do as few of moves as possible. Also, I really dislike the “automatic help” it gives you by showing you pairs if you can’t find them fast enough. I wish you would change it and put a “help or hint button” we can tap on if we want help. Otherwise, when it automatically helps you, you only get one gold star. Not fair!

This game is good. It keeps going untill all the tiles are gone. You can get plenty of coins all the time so you don’t have to wait or do certain things to get more.

The ad showed al the tiles exposed. And the first few games had highlighted tiles. Boo. I’m an ad man’s daughter and really dislike false advertising. If later games have all the tiles exposed, then say so.

Very good game. So far it has not froze up on me. I enjoy this type of game. Everyone should give jt a try. I never go on ratings as I say, to each their own. Thank you very much to all involved.

LovE mahjongg..simple But challenging. I have many dif mahjong games with so many to choose from. I can pick the ones that I find will help me concentrate from day to Day.

Puzzle layouts are good and can be challenging. You will enjoy the pretty tiles.

Matching tiles makes you watch yourself, you must pick the correct pairs. It’s Fun & quite relaxing, too.

Love the puzzles, little bit of ads, but not bad.

its a very smooth playing game and a great distractionfrom the stress of daily life, i would recommend to any and all

Still early to say but so far so good and not much advert, so it’s not annoying.

I just began to play this game. It looks like it will be great. I have played some form of Mahjong before but will be trying this game.

This game sure does work the mind! It puts it to the test but there is no right or wrong answer.

Enjoyed challenging myself to go faster&faster w/o mistakes Fun ,easily Maneuvering Great Game!!!

Fun and challenging but way too many ads.

Enjoyable and challenging way to improve your cognitive skills.

The game is fun and challangeing but has to many interuptions and ads

Good game/need to give more time to solve the puzzles? Thanks, an advide fan of games that work with statgery.

Fun, keeps the blood flowing it’s exciting when you are trying to beat the clock

I enjoy playing this game..i have no knowledge playing mahjong at all but when i tried it..i and so as my 3yrs old grand daughter enjoyed playing..

The tiles is super big and colourfull. Love this game 2 bits!!!

I sort of randomly match the tiles without knowing the correct way to play the game.

I like it don’t have to worry about being timed which makes it more relaxing.

I have just completed all 5000 games. The problem I have is trying to repeat all of these 5000 games again. To get back to the first game I have to manually scroll back to the beginning, which is bad enough. When an advert shows up (annoying, I have watched an enormous amount of them) it automatically takes you back to the 5000th game. Why don’t you make it easier to start again as I am fed up of scrolling sooooooo much.

Keeps mind focus. Challenges how fast you can go. Good stuff.

I have a hard time seeing them I have to in large and can’t see all of them at once,but it’s fun.

After getting padt the constant sds and the freezing up its pretty good. And is getting better.

Very fun an relaxing game helps you ease your mind!! Very easy

I liked it alot its very relaxing and it was fun game to play.

Enjoying this . Nice to have a pen with a pad on the end. Speeds it up.

Great game. A great game for training the brain.

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