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[App] Malarm – No stress

Malarm  Alarm clock without ads, in which I tried to combine the simplicity of the interface, ease of configuration and pleasant melodies for waking up.

Waking softly, without stress is the main task of my alarm clock. I tried to make it so that in the morning I did not want to break the phone against the wall. It turned out or not – to judge you, dear users.

The number of settings will allow you to create a comfortable way to wake up, suitable for you. But if there is no desire to deal with the settings, then just select the right time and days of the week.

Large numbers and a power button will be convenient for people with low vision.

In the alarm clock, I added the following functions and features:

the ability to turn off the alarm by flipping the phone or using the buttons
volume (individually adjustable)
various melodies, the ability to set your own
the ability to set a pre-signal that will push you to wake up before the main signal
the ability to alert by vibration. You can lower the volume of the alarm clock, leaving only vibration. Suitable for mothers in order not to wake the baby.
setting the transfer time and the intervals between snoozes
gradual increase in signal volume with a choice of increase speed
A variety of visual themes with the ability to set your own images on the wake-up screen.
adding notes to each alarm
the ability to adjust the screen brightness when the alarm goes off
set automatic alarm off
various shutdown screens
desktop widgets for the ability to control existing signals

The combination of all these functions will give you the opportunity to wake up exactly as you want. You can configure both a gentle, soft wake up to a smooth increase in the volume of your favorite song, and an aggressive signal that will make you immediately get out of bed.
The ability to turn off in a variety of ways makes it possible to blindly transfer the signal or postpone it (for example, you can set the signal to be delayed by turning the phone down by the screen and completely disabling the alarm by pressing the “volume up” key)

Important note!
If suddenly your alarm does not work or is triggered, but not on time, it means that you missed the Welcome screen and did not follow my advice on whitelisting for battery optimization modes on Android 6 and above. Drop the settings of the application or reinstall it, carefully read what I wrote in the welcome message and perform the necessary manipulations. There’s nothing to be done, Android is struggling to survive the battery. If there are any problems after these steps, then your case is individual, write to me at javawaysup[at], we will understand.
For translation into German, thanks to Ingo
You can download a free alarm clock without ads and it will be an excellent assistant for you every day! Pleasant awakening!

Typical questions:

Is the alarm free? There is no advertising in it? What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. I just enjoy programming, this is my hobby, my fetish, why not share your crafts with other people.

I did not have an alarm.
Did you perform the necessary manipulations from the recommendations on the start screen? If so, then write me somewhere, we’ll sort it out together.

Alarm clock will work on the phone off?
Unfortunately no. The phone must be switched on. The alarm clock works on top of the system. The system is turned off – the program is not running.

What’s in the Deluxe version? How is she better than this?
There are no fundamental differences. You can buy it if you want to thank me with a mug of coffee. All themes and options are available in it.

Malarm user reviews :

Very simple, useful alarm clock! I got it because I wanted an alarm that would wake me up without bothering my husband. This wonderful app not only lets me schedule an alarm that starts out quiet and gets louder progressively, it also gives me the option of a soft ping that goes off a few minutes before the alarm itself. This little ping is actually all I need most mornings which is perfect because it doesn’t wake my husband at all. And I so appreciate that it doesn’t have ads!!
  • Max Wayne
  • Hello! Thank you so much for such a detailed review =) I am very pleased that my application brings you benefits. If you have any questions or suggestions while using the app, be sure to write me an email
Love this alarm. It’s just what I wanted, a nice, gentle wake up. A few things are not as intuitive as I’d like which makes it easy to set it incorrectly if you’re tired or unfamiliar with the app. Be sure to go over all the settings and mess with it & test it before you intend to use it or rely on it to wake you. Updated to add a star for a developer who cares; who is still updating and improving his app. Love that. Ty.
  • Max Wayne
  • Hello, Angela! Thank you so much for such a detailed and pleasant review =) I’m working on a huge update, there will be new features and management will be much more convenient! I wish you only pleasant awakenings

Love this alarm clock app. One feature request is to have the snooze time get shorter every time you hit snooze. For example, the first time the snooze can be for 10 minutes then it would only be for 8 minutes then maybe 6 and so on.

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