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[Game] Marble Clash

Marble Clash  Who doesn’t love a good game of Marbles?

Compete with players from all over the world in this real-time multiplayer game. Add your friends, exchange gifts and challenge them to a match.

Unlock and collect a wide range of colorful marbles. Upgrade them to give your equipment extra powers.

Play on unique boards and show off your skills in the different game modes. Pot all your marbles before your opponent in Classic mode or race to score the target points in Points mode.

Key Features:

Online multiplayer game
Smooth controls and precision physics
Free daily rewards
Challenge friends and compete with players from all over the world
Collect marbles and upgrade them for extra powers
Multiple tiers and unique boards in each tier
Two game modes – Classic and Points
Compete with other players on the leaderboard. Rank up and win big prizes
Try your hand at the Lucky Shot mini game
Supports offline play

What are you waiting for? Play now and relive your childhood memories!

Marble Clash user reviews :

I’ve ended up playing this more than any of my other games. Lots of free coins. You’ll never have to wait to play because you’re broke. Like pool, but simpler, and low stress. The only thing I don’t think is great is if you scratch the shooter after pocketing two successive marbles, it takes both marbles back. I can see taking one marble back, but two? Odd rule, if you ask me.

Gaming experience is not good. In online competition if I get a first turn then there are chances I may won the game without opponent getting a chance and vice versa. Sometimes opponent’s time is over but they are still able to play the shot. These things need to be change for a good experience.

Although I have only been playing Marble Clash for a relatively short time, I can tell that it is a classic in the making. Carrom is one of my most favourite games, Marble Clash is a different form of Carrom, but, I think that it is even better than Carrom. All I have to do is get good at the game. Which is no doubt sonething for the future. Marble Clash is for me at least, the perfect game. Can I recommend Marble Clash? of course I can. Very highly recommended.

Fun game. However Its got a glitch. -It’s my turn, I hit a ball. -Game freezes. It passes my turn over to my opponent,but they don’t respond. Plus if on my turn I had scored a point it will reset it to the point before I took my turn. It’s frustrating,and unbalances the game, because at that point it’s basically the first person willing to leave the game that’s at a loss because there is no way to progress the game.

Another great game by miniclip. WOW, this company is on FIRE, but one thing i want to request foryour next game, pls make it so that when one player gets the first turn, potting all the marbles, or whatever they are in the next game, should be a FOUL. I HATE IT WHEN THE OPPONENT JUST POTS ALL THE MARBLES AMD GETS ALL THE POINTS AND WINS, WHEN I DONTEVEN GET A CHANCE TO REPLY!!!!

If you love Carrom Pool, you will love this just as much, because, it is same game perty much, the only difference is marbles instead of pucks. I just started playing a half hour ago, and I love this game. This is definitely a keeper and awesome alternative to 8 ball/9 ball billiards. Marble Clash is like a fraternal twins to Carrom Pool.

This game is fab. My main problem is that sometimes my opponent has very similar coloured marbles, and being colour blind doesn’t help, but, hey we’re a community too! But, seriously, this game is cool, love disc pool too. Please sort out the colours.

I would love this game but I am a mediocre player at best. So many people I have played just run the table, so someone like myself has no chance to even play. Kind of boring to always lose. It would be nice if you could pair players of similar skill.

Amazing game it’s casual, fun no hassle gameplay great time killer between other games or just a quick game best part is it limits your play when you have filled you box slots there’s not much point in playing till you’ve opened one and cleared space you get new marbles to unlock and upgrade unique great game thankyou devs you’ve done us proud thankyou from England

Been playing about a week and my two biggest problems are the amount of people that dont finish a game and leave (could be server kicks) and the chests take to long to open. Other than that its a great game

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