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MARVEL Realm of Champions  Experience a bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe and uncover the secrets of the mysterious new planet known only as Battleworld.

Long ago, Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk from an alternate future, forced shattered realities together to construct his own Battleworld. He ruled over these merged, alternate timelines until he was secretly slain! With his iron grip no longer holding this world together, it has descended even deeper into disarray. Barons have risen to control their lands, looking to turn the tide of war in their favor. As this Secret War begins, it is up to YOU to solve the mysteries of Battleworld and take your true place as a powerful Champion!

Customize your ultimate Marvel Champion with weapons and gear, then team up with your network of friends in real-time high-action brawls. Play your part in an epic war of planetary proportions as you rise from a rookie Champion to become a legendary hero of BATTLEWORLD!


*Customize – The only Marvel game where you can become your favorite Champion and customize them to reflect your personality and battle style.

*Enhance – Earn gear and upgrades as you brawl through the mayhem. Gear and weapons will add to your Champions’ abilities and strength. The more powerful your Champion becomes, the more successful you will be!

*Play the Perfect Role – Tank with your Hulk and soak up hits while you attack hard with area disruption. Bring your Black Panther to inflict devastating damage at close range. Use high-powered ranged attacks with your Web Warrior and Iron Legionnaire. Amplify your allies with your Storm and Sorcerer Supreme and deal bursts of damage to vanquish groups of foes.


*A New Marvel Universe – Marvel authenticity with a twist! Experience the deep story of Battleworld, full of mystery, intrigue, and ferocious battles with characters from across Marvel history.

*Marvel Inspired Battle Arenas – Fight in the barbarian wastelands of the Hulk Gamma Horde, high-tech cityscapes composed of Iron Man’s Stark Tech, and much more!

*A Visually Stunning World – Witness awe-inspiring graphics and representations of iconic Marvel characters, battle arenas, and spectacular special moves.


Strategize with your team to select the right mix of Champions to dominate over the competition in action-packed team battles!

*Arena Conquest – Engage in real-time 3v3 team brawls! Takedown the opposing team’s Baron and claim your victory!

*Arena Deathmatch – A wild 2v2v2 battle for supremacy, gain points by vanquishing your foes in battle. Use epic power-ups to upgrade your Champion’s abilities and lead your team to victory!

*Stronghold – Team up and battle waves of enemies to protect your ISO Core. The difficulty increases as you progress, along with your rewards!

*Onslaught – A rotating Strike mode, fight off 15 waves of increasingly difficult enemies that bear down on you and your teammates.


Join an Alliance or create your own to forge a community of Champions ready to tackle Battleworld’s challenges! Whether you are looking to round out your Arena Conquest team or the key to your perfect Stronghold defense, Alliances are the best way to find your next teammate.

MAKE MARVEL YOURS! Your Champion. Your Team. Your Realm.

Join the intense, team-based multiplayer action and put your Champion to the test in action-packed brawls where skill and strategy will earn you a place among LEGENDS!



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MARVEL Realm of Champions user reviews :

This game has a cool and fun concept, but is lacking in places. 1) the graphics compared to other devices are bad. You should add optimization to the settings for grqphics and performance. 2) The game crashes when custimizing a character and when matchmaking. I see a lot of people having this issue and it is really disappointing because like I said before this game has a cool concept.

I thought this game wasn’t going to be interesting due to way it look and from reading some reviews. But when I actually played the game it became a bit fun over time for a 3v3 pvp game. It’s a decent game to play from time to time but if you like to play a lot it may just suck you in. So I’m pretty happy with this game so far but we will see over time how well this game will hold up.

This is a great game. The combat works nicely and the characters look great! I’m really enjoying playing as web warrior at the moment, I like how bouncy and all over the place he is. The only issue I have with the game are the fact that at launch, there are only five playable characters, with a sixth coming soon. This leads to teams not ending up with enough diversity. Overall this is a really fun game and I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve.

It’s lacking a basic direction. I have come from League of legends pc and League of legends wild Rift. Playing both competitively. As a moba realm of champions is lacking basic direction, graphics are terrible, maps are way to small. There is zero strategy involved in this game. The only basic structure I can see is the one who taps the fastest wins. There is no way to progress to the top and there is no top. No leaderboard, I play games like this to become involved in eSports this won’t happen

Game is good but they need to format the game to my phone which is the OnePlus 7t and it would be a 5

Latest Update :

New Event
Skaar is back! Rally your team to take on the Baron of the Gamma Horde in an epic 3v1 battle! Take the featured Champion into the fray each week to face off against Skaar!

New Features
Alliance Social Improvements
Partying Improvements
Balance Changes for Super Soldier, Storm and more

Bug Fixes and Improvements
General Bug Fixes and Improvements

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