Masha and the Bear – Improve visual perception and memory

[Game] Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear  Discover the fantastic world of Masha and the bear through these 30 educational games.

You will love it! The educational games of Masha and the bear are aimed at children up to 6 years old.

This game is based on the characters of the popular serie that deals with the adventures of Masha, a girl who is cared for by a bear and her friends, animals like the tiger, wolf, penguin, squirrel, hare…

Masha and the Bear Educational Games is composed of 6 different categories of games for children to have fun:

Paint and color: the most fun drawings to paint with colors.
Word Search: learn words in different languages
Memorize objects and silhouettes: They will help improve visual perception and memory.
Solve puzzles: with pieces of different sizes and shapes.
Music and instruments: play the xylophone, the piano or the drums.
Simple numbers and operations: learn the numbers from 1 to 10.

A series of games featuring the characters of the children’s favorite TV series with which they will learn while having fun playing alone, with friends or with parents.

Your kids will love playing with the educational games of Masha and the bear with which they will enjoy hours of entertainment and assured fun.

The “Masha and the Bear” series has become a family hit worldwide because it is a smart and fun entertainment designed to educate both children and parents. Masha and The Bear educates children about true friendship in a fun and intelligent way.


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Masha and the Bear user reviews :

This is fantastic game the Marsha and the bear my small sister watches all time but this game is very helpful to understand something in this game I give you good feedback

This is very nice game. There is also for learning , puzzle etc…. I like the game.

Great app, great games. But constant ads ruining the whole experience. Is there anyway I can purchase this app with no ads?

I love this game because you can do all types of activities its just nice make more games like this

I saw this game on my younger brother it is so nice but one thing that makes me sad the ads are so boring but it is nice guys

This game is cool but it is to hard for children to learn make it easy for children

Yes, these all games are very nice, kids like very much . My son likes masha and bear

I love this game so much.i Play It anytime, this game is very educated,do your best and keep it up.

Such a great and informative game, my little sister love this game. Even tho I am 9 years old I love this game also

Great game, my baby has learnt alot from the game and she knows most things compared to what she knew before, I definitely recommend it for anyone who has a young child and would like his/her child to learn something and not just watch TV and play with children older than them.

Great games, very enjoyable and very educational and occupies my child very well, but it is PLAGUED with ads. After every game, an ad. They can be skipped, but they are after EVERY game. After a short time my child looses all interest in the games because the ads ruin the experience

I love Masha and the bear game because it has nice games and I love the puzzle game the most

What a great game I install! That was fantastic and easy to play. I think I will put 5 stars

This game is interesting and very very super game is my favorite game l give the 4 stars super game really good game

This is good game and funny and Colouring and learn

Nice I always see Masha and the bear cartoon now I am playing the game of Masha and the bear cartoon. Very good game. I like this game very much what about you guys?

I like this app. It very good for kids . but the ads are littel anoying. After all it is good app.

Game and Education ,I think this is so Great..for kinds..Nice

This game it doesn’t have any problem it’s nice game from side to side ,from left to right ,from up to down teaches more about language..

This is so funny games and very good very enjoyable interest game

I like it my little sister can learn about some puzzle and others before she play this game she is not smart and little bit funny and stupid but after she play this game she is smart and not stupid again and I give it 5 star

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