Masha and the Bear – Discover the adventures of little Masha

[Game] Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear  Enjoy this great application with 16 games of Masha and the Bear for your children to learn different professions while developing their intelligence and mental agility.

If you liked Masha and the Bear – Educational games, you will love this game!
In Masha and the Bear – Activities and Games you will find fun games for children to work on their motor skills, creativity and musical intelligence.

Masha and the Bear is one of the favorite cartoon series for children. Discover the adventures of little Masha with her friend the Bear in incredible situations and scenarios.


Masha Chef: Memory game where you will help Masha to cook pizzas with different ingredients.
The orchestra: Recognize the musical sounds and find the instruments.
Fruits and vegetables: Help Masha to cut fruits without touching the bombs.
Ice Blocks: Break the ice with the help of the snowball in motion.
Hockey on ice: The hockey rink is ready to start the game.
Tangram: Help Masha complete the tangram puzzles.
Masha Painter: Choose the colors of the palette that you like the most and paint fun drawings.
Masha detective: Find the objects that appear on the screen.
and many more!

Masha and the Bear is a great cartoon series available on television in more than 100 countries with dozens of amazing chapters. Do not miss the educational games of the series that are succeeding all over the world!

Edujoy games are aimed at children up to 8 years old to help them develop their visual and musical intelligence and sharpen their memory. In this activity game, Masha will accompany you in different scenarios to help you learn while having fun.

Edujoy has more than 60 games aimed at children of all ages; from kindergarten to the oldest. Thank you very much for learning with Edujoy games! We love creating educational and fun games for you. If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to send us feedback or leave a comment.

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Masha and the Bear user reviews :

There are many enjoy full games in a game which only takes 24 mb . Other games will at least take 100 mb. This is really nice and can improve few skills like to follow correctly to the given instructions ,memorise the given object and to consantrate and observe a work .

Game was super.I like this game but one problem add more levels update this game. Masha and the bear is my favourite cartoon.And masha and tje bear game my favourite. Superb game update new levels

A very fantastic game. I love it. It’s not a game like other games. It’s quite interesting with limited ads. 5 stars from my sides.

Five stars for me because this game takes only takes a little MBS and it has many activities and alot of fun. This game has make my little brother brave. It’s fantastic it has made us watch Masha. I wish I could give you a million Stars.

This game is so cool because the best part is that you can actually paint with blocks and that’s cool right

This is a very good game because there is pizza decoring, music,painting and much more I like it Very much

I love this app! and I Love masha and the bear there is so much activities to play! it’s like a dream!

Masha and the bear fan here. It is wonderful and one game reminds me of ice climber, another game I played as a child. It has different games

Amazing game for kids and this game is very intresting. Kids like this game but it have so many ads but it very nice

It’s very , very fun but little bit difficult it’s nice for kids.

Wow what a good game it gives us enjoyment as well as education too. It is very helpful to kids my kid learn as well as have fun whenever my daughter see her mobile I just saw her playing this game I won’t say nothing because it gives her education so . But only one problem is ads . And all things are well. My daughter really love this game . It is helpful for her. Please download it

Enjoyable game for kids.. Educational, fun and cute.. I love masha and the bear..

Very good game . It is very interesting . Keep it up

I am in love with this game…. I am not a kid though I like this game so much…. Its a wholesome packaged game Everyone would love this I guess…. Best Relaxation game ever

So pretty game for me new game for masha learning game activities like game for masha and they will have to go through a lot more of all time together and is the best way of getting a new one in London and we have a lot to be able and to get in London but I don’t know if it’s a great way of doing that he says but I think it’s important thing me about the club I am in London but we are in a good place to 5AM we need a lot more of that he says but we are going through these news seasons

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