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Mastermine  Mastermine is a 3D, Minesweeper inspired puzzle game – solve complex boards over a 3D cube.

New features & twists keep the game interesting:
Power-ups rearrange parts of the board in 3D, shifting the game
Skins customise the look and feel of the cube
Challenges keep you coming back for more, and reward you with power-ups
A global solve-time leaderboard allows you to compete (cross-platform) with your friends for the world’s fastest times
Ever-increasing cube sizes keep up the pace
Different original game-modes like Time Crisis, Campaign or Sandbox change it up even more

On top of this, the game is 100% Ad-Free, and doesn’t sell your data to anybody. The only purchase in the game is a Premium unlock to allow you to save your Campaign progress + a few other goodies.

Mastermine user reviews :

I love the concept. However, it does not follow the 3D aspect properly. Two games in a row, I lost because I was considering diagonal blocks on different faces to be adjacent to one another. For example there was a 1 block with two mines touching it, but the second mine was on a different face than the 1 block. If this problem were fixed, I could spend hours playing this game.

So far it’s okay, but there really needs to be a setting that prevents you from placing a flag if you rotate. If I hold a bit too long before rotating the cube, it places a flag but still lets me rotate. Often I don’t even see the flag appear because I rotate away. This flag then screws me up later when it isn’t on a mine and I fail the level. I’ll update this review if it changes.

Getting really annoyed that it won’t allow me to buy Pro, says payment type not supported. Can’t play all the options, really frustrating. All my other Google play purchases (devices, apps, services) work fine so it’s specific to your app. I think it’s your currency options – it won’t allow $AUD. You’re missing out on money here!

This game isn’t compatible with my S pen (galaxy note 9) which was an initial turnoff. The second turnoff was during campaign, the last two blocks I had I had to guess because either one could have been the bomb. A logic game should not include guessing. I like the idea of the game but this one isn’t for me.

I find this to be a good game and i like the concept. But my biggest turnoff is the large pay wall. Campain wont save without upgrading and half the difficulties are not usable unless you pay for it.

I like it. It adds a different level to minesweeper. I suck at minesweeper but my mom would love it. Good design and feel.

It takes mine finder to a new level, have to think about whats around the side i a 3D enviroment. I really enjoy it and not as easy as peeps might think cause corners can trip you up. Only real negative is purchase is in GB pounds, so would have to pay a conversion fee.?

Interesting idea and good gameplay, but the instructions don’t say that this is just 2d wrapped on a cube, and thus each cell has only 8 adjacent cells instead of the 26 we would expect in true 3D. That omission has in-game consequences. Also, some puzzles are not solvable without guessing. It could be that I just am dumb enough to not see the logical solution, and so I would add another star if I’m wrong about this.

The game is fun, I love its concept, but sometimes, the gameplay may not be nice due to the game sometimes making paths that require you to guess, as a mostly unlucky person, it is sometimes not fun, but overall, I think the game is nice. I do wish no-guess mode is available. Oh, also add the question mark too that goes alongside the flag, since I remember it existed on classic.

Very good, a neat take on minesweeper and no interfering adverts, the cut between the free and paid versions is sensible and not extortionate. The rotation can get a bit frustrating occasionally, so maybe a feature to snap the cube to the viewport or rotate the numbers so they are always ‘upright’ would be nice additions.
  • Adam Soutar
  • Hi there, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my game – thank you for the feedback! I will definitely be looking into more rotation options. If you have any more ideas you’d like to share with the community, why not join the Discord where you can chat with other users about the best solution for issues like this. The link is in the Settings screen
Great twist on Minesweeper’s formula. Even with added complexity of rotating a cube in 3D, controls and visuals remain intuitive. Gameplay is classic and graphics look nice without getting busy or confusing. Smooth performance. Old review: Fun game concept, but runs terribly on a mid-range phone; far, far worse than even complex 3D apps like racing games. Slow, juddery animations and unresponsive controls make this a miss, which is odd because it doesn’t look like it should be so highly taxing.
  • Adam Soutar
  • Hi there, I believe your phone may have been affected by a very rare issue which was patched on the 2nd of December (ironically just the day after this review :) ). Could you please try updating the app to the latest version and seeing if that fixes your issues?

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