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[Game] Match Masters

Match Masters  Match 3 games – reinvented! Now with online multiplayer!

Play LIVE with friends OR against opponents from all over the world in a fun online turn based match-3 competition!

Match Masters is a free and has tons of new exciting ways to play matching games!

In Match Masters, players take turns playing against each other on the same match-3 game board, so they must take into account not only the score they will get from their moves, but also the opportunities it could create for their opponent!

Every blue star you match charges your Booster, while your opponent collects red circles.
Use your Booster to gain more score, tip the game in your favour, make satisfying comebacks and score huge combos!
Play with one of 20+ available Boosters, each with its own strategy and effect.

Play Match Masters LIVE against friends or random opponents in knock-out tournaments and earn trophies to unlock new studios and compete against the best players in the leaderboards!
Reach the top in our changing events and win AMAZING rewards!

Match Masters is even more fun when you play with friends
Connect with Facebook to challenge your friends and find out who the real Match Master is!

Collect stickers and complete our new sticker albums to receive HUGE prizes, trendy outfits and unique style packs that will dazzle your opponents!

Join our Official Group to meet, chat and share your game achievements with other Match Masters around the world!
Don’t miss out on your chance to win FREE prizes:

Played thousands of levels in other tile matching games? It’s time to Meet Your Match! Play puzzle games like never before!

Match Masters user reviews :

At first I enjoyed this games a lot. I consider myself to be pretty good at match em up games such as this, I played waaay to much Bejeweled back in the day. But now it’s like I’m only getting matched against pro players! I started with an 8 win streak, now I’m dropping leagues because I loose most games. I match two three’s then the opponent goes on to match multiple fours, use their booster and proper razzle dazzle me every game. Not saying its fixed but every game is like this. Just seems odd
  • Candivore
  • Hi there! Your opponents are always chosen randomly. Once you have reached the Master’s League the amount of trophies simply shows how much a player has played and not necessarily their skill level. If you’ve experienced any technical issues, please contact our Support Team: “Settings” icon ➡ “Contact support”
This game has so much potential but it’s cost me so much money and not enough is given free , once you use up all decent boosters you just find yourself going backwards. The game itself is awesome but the creators need to seriously think of some decent changes before they loose mijority of the players. So disappointed
  • Candivore
  • Hey there, WAYNE! There are many ways to get FREE boosters, coins and stickers! Collect event points to keep on getting great rewards, or join our social media pages for daily competitions and prizes! Keep on Matching
I like match 3 games and the concept here is good. I think the different colours of gems could be a bit brighter like similar match games. I sometimes find it hard to distinguish the colours and I see opponents trying to match different colours so I think they struggle toobo. I like the avatar idea however I think they are pretty ugly to be honest, would be bettering my opinion to be cuter.
  • Candivore
  • Hey, Richard! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us We’ll pass it on to our development team to have a closer look
A fun game I would say… It’s certainly pay to win unless you grind like mad to get good boosters… Something that needs a HOTFIX is the leave game feature which only lets you leave when it’s your turn, wether you have to do something or you are so tilted by the enormous difference in points that you don’t or can’t play anymore you have to be patient to leave.. why? (Edit: to clarify, I like the game but I would also like to see a video of someone winning over a diamond booster from a dev)
  • Candivore
  • I am sorry to hear that you feel that way! Match Masters is a game of luck and skill, so anything can happen. Purchases can give small advantages in the game but anyone can win any match. If you’ve experienced any technical issues, please contact our Support Team and they will be happy to assist you!

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