Match Pairs 3D – Find all pairs before the time runs out

[Game] Match Pairs 3D

Match Pairs 3D

  In a logic puzzle Match Pairs 3D you need to link pairs of images by dragging them.
The mechanics is super easy! Find identical pictures, drag one onto the other and make pairs. Find all pairs before the time runs out!
Enjoy colorful collections of images with sweets, fruits and many more.Features:
 More than 1000 levels
Easy mechanics
Challenging game modes
Endless Hints!
Progress saving puzzle game
Train your brain: concentration, observation and logicSuch a simple and cool application to relax and pump observation. What else is needed?
Try to download and play now!

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Match Pairs 3D user reviews :

I gave this 5 stars its fun and easy. These games will never stop ads but what works for me is every time ad puts up i just swipe up and it clears the ads. I refuse to pay for no ads removal when is literally just a finger swipe up.

I like this game. Easy to play, but not alot of the bells and whistles that get in the way
  • Hey there! We’re happy that you’re enjoying our match puzzle game! Also, we appreciate your feedback. It always helps to hear what players like.
The game is good. Too many ads and you don’t get the time or hints for watching the ads.
  • We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!

There a few more fixes required. When you watch an ad to double the present reward….it doesn’t do so. It returns again to the initial screen you just selected to double it. I have even tried selecting x2 again but still no double reward! It’s one thing to watch ads for gameplay rewards… it entir…

  • Hello! We’ll take it into account. We hope to improve our game and make pair matching puzzles more enjoyable for you! Thanks for your feedback, your opinion is very important to us
Loved the game until today. When I tried to add more time, I had to watch ads and they never stopped. I never got the time and closed app after watching 4 ads, each 30 seconds. I wasn’t about to watch more, so the game is not good if it’s all about watching ads and can’t play.
  • Hi! Advertising is a way to keep the game free for download and after watching ads you can get a bonus. If you have any suggestions for improving the game, send them to info[at] Thank you for understanding!

I really wanted to like this game. But when you pay for “no ads” and then you still have to watch them in order to use the feature that lays the cards in order – that’s unacceptable. It’s not as relaxing as I hoped it would be because you can’t turn off the timer. And when it “burns” a card (that you have to match within a smaller time period) the card image is obscured. So, one star for poor design and scamming users who pay.

Uninstalling due to ti many ads . Way way way way way way to many ads. I understand you need ads to keep this app going but there are more ads than Carter has liver pills. More ads than there is game.

hard to have an experience when ads are thrown in my face every 5 seconds! I understood that you need ads to pay for the game, but come on! one can’t even get thru one level without encountering several ads! no fun at all! I’m uninstalling got better things to do with my day!
  • We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free tile match app we need revenue from Ads. If you don’t want to see the Ads you can purchase the Pro version. Thanks for your understanding!
Great fun. Levels as fast as you like, music very soothing and you can choose to arrange the tiles or not, whichever is easier for you. Really well done!
  • Hey there! We’re so glad you gave our game a chance. Keep playing
Fun so far. Great break from all other games that seem designed to just make you buy buy buy to keep playing! Slowly gets quicker paced so it gets more challenging as you go along. The fire makes for great incentive, but the non penalty aspect of it keeps the game stress-free. NICE!
  • Hey there! We’re happy that you appreciate our game and are glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks a lot for your feedback

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