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[Game] Match Triple Ball

Match Triple Ball  Match Triple Ball is a relaxation 3D match game that satisfies even the busiest person, makes your free time valuable.

You will find all 3D objects are familiar, inspired by everyday life, to make it a captivating colorful game.

How To Play:

Simply find and connect three identical objects till your vacuum ball is completely cleaned to solve and master the tile puzzle.
Unlock hundreds of 3D objects level by level as your reward.
Sharpen your senses, search carefully and find the matching pairs in a mountain of objects before the time runs out!
Pause when you need to leave, and continue anytime with the auto-saving system.

With tons of adorable collections and animations, this is the best time-killing game and easy to play for all ages.
The higher level you reach, the more challenge you face. Become a tile master of match triple puzzle game not only powers up up your senses but also train your brain to improve memory and concentration.

Download this free puzzle game to test your memory and object-finding skills. Challenge yourself now!


Stunning physical effects and HD graphics
Free to play
Well-designed brain trainer levels
Auto-saving system
Colorful 3d objects
Hint boosters
Easy and fun to play!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support[at]

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Match Triple Ball user reviews :

This is a good game, it actually looks and plays like the advert. If you like watching adverts this is the game for you too, not only do you get them before and after every level, but also adverts during the level so it breaks your concentration. If they took the adverts out of the levels so you only had them before and after it would rate 5 stars .

A little misleading. It reads as though you’re meant to match 3 objects, but instead you’re actually supposed to match 3 ADS. This is obvious, because there’s an ad before the level, one after, one during, and if you dare to, say, answer a text for under 20 seconds, you get a special 4th one! Collect them all! I’ll keep it in hopes they realize that’s WAY too many ads for any game, especially one this small, cause if they fixed that this game would be very fun as well as aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sorry about the negative feeling you had due to ads. We’re still working hard everyday to optimize the number of ads. Ads will appear after a reasonable period of time, the sooner you can pass the level, the fewer ads you have to watch & most ads are skippable after 5 seconds. Hope you keep supporting & giving us more feedback, it’s always helpful.

I just love this game but have uninstalled it twice already and I am definitely going to uninstall it again now, not for the ads, but for the time given to match the eggs. I am on level 60 and have been trying to match these eggs now for 4 days There is no way that all these eggs can be matched within 6 to 7 minutes. Then you get levels with 10 minutes and you finish it within 3 minutes. All the egg levels are the same. It really doesn’t make sense.

This is a great game except for the the ads that pop up every game mid-game. Why have the ad pop up in the middle of the gane? There is already an ad after every level, every claim, and any time you need to restart the board. Why the constant ads? This is a problem with every game that has been put put by this creator. I ga e this one a chance thinking maybe this issue was fixed.

Fun game. Would be much better if there wasn’t so many adds. Every two or three matches another add pops up. It’s frustrating. I probably will be deleting the game soon because of it

You expect ads with a free game, and at first it annoyed me when they came up on the middle of a game….. but then I realized that taking a visual break actually helped me focus once the ad was done. So for me, it works, I really enjoy playing this game!

An excellent and challenging matching game. The sphere makes the matches more and less difficult as they’re always moving. But the clear, colorful graphics aid in beating the levels. Give it a try, and you may not be able to stop playing!

I’m REALLY enjoying your game. However it seems with the egg match there’s more eggs than time. Is this a problem with other players. It seems that’s the only match with that issue. But it’s very challenging. I love the concept.

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