Mega Ramp Car Jumping – Drive in the mega winter mountains

[Game] Mega Ramp Car Jumping

Mega Ramp Car Jumping  You’re about to go racing down the biggest, raddest stunt ramps ever built, driving at speeds stunt cars were never built to reach.

Drive down a mega, mega stunt jumping ramp — so steep and so high you’d have to be crazy to even think about racing down it.

Then try jumping off the end: free fall, crash land, and avoid smashing to smithereens on the ground miles below!

(Instead, try crash – smashing into a target free floating a mile above the ground, like you’re supposed to)

Get ready for Mega Ramp Car Jumping!

7 levels of ridiculously dangerous racing jumping smashing feats:

Drive in the clouds, racing around hot air balloons
Drive in the clouds, jumping along a network of shipping containers
Drive among the peaks of skyscrapers
Drive in the mountains, jumping from peak to peak
Drive in the clouds of Hawaii, spinning stunts miles above ground
Drive in the mega winter mountains
Even free fall in the most mega of all mega places — outer space!

Pick up free boosts and mega power-ups as rewards for your driving stunts as you go!

Unlock 4 free cars and see what they can do!

(Whatever you do, don’t crash you’ve never seen anything like these crashes.)

Mega ramp car jumping takes driving to the absolute car smashing, crash landing, stunt car mashing extreme. Driving will neve be the same.

This game ramps up the limits of one-touch driving (and cars!), giving you incredible fun and variety that any player can jump right into.

Try out a truly masterful ramp jumping game.

Mega Ramp Car Jumping user reviews :

Out of several games I tried like this one. This is by far the best by a Longshot. Only complaint I have is sometimes you go to the next level and your over powered and the next your so far under its not even fun. Being overpowered however is hilarious and makes it “kinda” challenging. UPDATE: Should allow us to downgrade so we can replay old levels and enjoy the crashes. I feel so over powered now I sneeze and I’m off the map.

Although the game play is somewhat fun and a time-killer, I have to say that any add that plays is longer than the game play, itself! Again, it’s somewhat fun, but not worth paying $2.99 to get rid of the adds!

Constant barrage of advertisement after advertisement, be it a full screen unskippable ad, or a smaller but equally annoying advert for vehicles to buy with real money, some of which cost the same same or more as actual triple AAA, retail released video games. They’re expecting you to pay €80 for a golden tank???? Away on, yous bunch of con artists.

While the game it self is quite fun. The ads are sooo oppressive and to make it worse the pressure to buy in-game stuff is unbearable. Every 2-3 jumps yet another add. Or another Pop up to buy cars etc. Ruins the whole game. Uninstalled.

It’s takes a long time to clear each stage,fun cool game. But the cost is ridiculous to get extra fuel…So you gotta watch a ton of ads. To clear each level

Its a good game with lots of potential….i liked it alot….but Giving 2 stars because the game is too small….only 11 levels….cleared all the levels in like 2 hours….this game should have atleast 250+ levels…..very short gameplay

I find this game very similar to delivery crash but the game’s Graphics is better and seems much easier to use and at least when you buy something you actually get what you bought so I think this game is a total Improvement to the other type of games that this game is similar to and so far this is the best one I played

Really fun, but far too many ads, even when choosing the skip ad option. Also, how much for the tank!?!? Who has actually paid for that?

Fun way to pass time. Kinda cheesy but you do have to figure out how to get past levels. Does take some thought

Pretty fun game, it has a lot of ads but, if you use them for score multiplier you get up to 6 times your score.

The game is decent but is horrendous due to the flooding of ads. Could be better made if it wasn’t so rushed

This game fills that weird tick you look for when you are bored of the normal candy bubble puzzle town mystery games..I love this game

A fun time killer. If you can I would advise paying the money for no ads as this allows you to rack up points very very quickly to get better engines and boosts.

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