MemesWars 2 – Get your personal pet

[Game] MemesWars 2

MemesWars 2  This is online shooter with sandbox mode.

You can spawn a lot of various objects like buildings, cars, monsters, animals, military vehicles and helicopters. Spawn monsters and chase other players. Fly on helicopters and planes and ride on horses and other animals. Get your personal pet. Game contain more than 15 guns, unlimited grenades, new monsters and maps. There is deathmatch, sandbox and single modes. Easy create your server and play with friends, lot of skins and customizable character. Unique sandbox, no rulies do what you want.

MemesWars 2 user reviews :

I don’t like the game because your team mate’s can kill you and I Hate that but i will give the game one star for all the hard work you done on the game but nice game but I wish you could change the game where your team mate’s can’t kill you but I Will give the game one thumbs up and one star

wait chicken gun is better then this but chicken gun remain good weapons and have a laser and a 2 axe but this update have a black board with a invisible board amd this is not the best cubic game this is the best cubic game numbar 2 but why is this only can kick players huh so i give 4 stars :( ???

There are a few problems. For one, The weapons definitely need to be fixed. For example, the rocket launcher will kill anyone in one hit if they are close enough to the blast. With the fast pace of firing and the unlimited ammo, this weapon is OP. Speaking of explosives, The grenade launcher sometimes bugs out and doesn’t hit the ground, and it can kill you while the rocket doesn’t. Also, at times, the camera resets the view, which can be a pain while sniping, and even goes at a crazy angle.

I love it this game was very nice and very amazing so I’ll give 5 star for this game and I can play single player also I love that high graphics and palaces and Santos and team fight and death match and Challenge in online play

I love the game I don’t have ads! And that’s awesome but can you add more shoes and cars Also more guards and pets

I love your game! I love it!!! But the memes wars 2 is… this game is getting worse then before…. when I play this game my phone is error!/warning please fex this game pls pls pls pretty please!

I love this game but the guns are a few guns but please add more stuff please add more guns more cars more shoes and even more items so please add more stuff

Hi I like your game because it’s really fun but there is one little problem in the game. I bought my 9th gun in the game and when I go to play with it I go look in my inventory and I don’t see 2 of my weapons. If you could fix it it would be great :) and a bit more weapons like a rail gun in the next update

Amazing game! Has the best mobile game graphics I’ve seen in a while, and not to mention, there is so much to do! Definitely something I would recommend to people out there! Thank you for this amazing app! It’s so cool! Also, please bring the monsters back…

It is a nice game but the controls should be perfect when the game will has a update so now that I can’t play this game why I don’t know I have seen in youtube now I want to play that game but i cant play because it is not opening

I like memes :).. but the three star rating is because I keep lagging out. I hope this update that in doing will help it when it works I’ll come back and do a FULL STAR RATING thx for making the game and I realize when I get kicked but when I lag out it happends randomly thx

I really like this but there is not a lot of options of cars, planes, helicopter, guns and monsters. Plus add in a monster spawner too so it can be more fun and more skins too.

This game could be good if they would institute weapon bans, like no rockets/grenade launchers/grenades, only sniper/only melee, etc. Once you get enough in game currency (Not long) you will join the rest of the people who simply nuke the map with unlimited shots from O.P. weapons.

How is this less popular than fortnite! Also add some custom banner feature plz. It also needs custom controls like movement sticks or button arrangement.

Yo Chalo, this game is Op but can you please tell me how you can defeat the skeleton in the game because I’ve tried it for a bunch of times and it still doesn’t land on the ground. Please make a defeat animation!!!

it’s great but there’s a problem when u aim in the sight on a sniper u can swap weapons and still be aimed in pls fix this even though I like it but it could be a problem soon so pls do it thank you.

It’s good and Stable. Not all People hate this game, but this Must have a 5 star rating for the bug fixes. Good job

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