Meowar – Winning this war will be a long journey

[Game] Meowar – PvP Cat Merge Defense TD

Meowar  A strange disease outbreak has transformed lovely Cat villagers into zombie cats, and now they are threatening the Cat civilization!

As many villages fall, many more zombies appeared. Cats love peace and just want to be adorable. They have prepared nothing for this war! Seeing lots of fellow Cats losing their lives, a small group of Cats decided to seek help from God. God listened, trained the Cats into strong soldiers, and bestowed them powerful magic: Merge magic!

The well-trained Cat soldiers came back and started fighting to save the remaining Cat homes. However, those Cat Zombies are getting more and more crowded day by day. Winning this war will be a long journey.

Use Merge magic to help the Cat Soldiers fight back the Cat Zombie!

Meowar is Cat Merge Battle Defense and FREE TO PLAY the game.

How to play Meowar
This merge defense strategy battle cats game has a very easy battle system. Drag to merge, summon, move and target enemy. You can merge on battlefield, on hand or from hand to battle. There are many Cat classes, Cat Merge type that creates many strategy defense battle formation. Also, the random system helps the battle unpredictable and more fun. PvP battle is simpler, only merge from hand and summon action. However, the PvP battle will be still fun and challenge.


There are three basic types of soldiers: fighter, ranger, cleric, and three hybrids merged types: merge fighter + ranger, merge fighter + cleric, merge ranger + cleric.
Merge battle defense core gameplay creates fun and strategy cat fight.
Five levels max for each merged type. You can merge the same Cat or merge different Cat to find the best strategy Cat team.
Thirteen classes: Swordsman, Archer, Healer, Axe, Swords-caster, Sorcerer, Knight, Shaman, Ninja, Monk, Mage, Assasin, Iron Fist and more to come.
PvP mode: merge and fight a PvP battle with other players. With Many PvP merge strategy, PvP merge formations.
Campaign, Endless, Challenge, Expedition modes and more to come

Features in plan:
new merge class for the castle: Cannon, trap, stone thrower.
Challenge: challenge merge battle from easy to master.
More Cat enemies: Cat Skeleton, Cat Mummy, Alien,…

If you like Meowar, our Cat Merge Defense Strategy PvP Battle game, please help us by rating. Or if you have any problem, let us know at fanpage:

Meowar user reviews :

Game is fun and addicting, but from lvl 70 i spent so many time grinding. Cos its hard to get the rune / armor, and pls return the options for skill i like it better before it become cards as well. Long Ads after game when theres no reward is kinda bothering. About the arena, is our opponent not playing online at the same time? Cos once i got an opponent with my friends username, but i know that he’s asleep at that time. Explaination?

I understand needing to fund the game, but 3-4 ads (1 forced, 2 in every “load” screen, and 1 request) every level? Really? I hope this doesn’t become the norm.

Sadly the forced ads are still in, if you win or lose you are forced to watch an ad, thats not really fun to be honest, alot of missed potential tbh

I like the game but holly the ad spam I’m going to delete the game plz just less ads you can have ads but every game that’s a bit annoying

Would have been perfect 5 stars, downside is the over intrusive ads that pops out every finished round. I don’t mind watching ads for rewards but those ads that pops out after every fight is just unnecessary. It’s has no rewards once finished, and it gets annoying. Overall, the game is cute, I love the cats and gameplay is very smooth. No lagging or delay. Just the ads, please make the ads manageable.
  • Patridge Games
  • Dear user, Thanks for supporting us and we are sorry for Ads. We will improve in the future and we will try to keep the Ads from interfering. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.
Such an impressive game with refreshing gameplay and cute cat figures. The gameplay is well mixed between TDS and Merge game. The paths and upgrades are noticeable and its not of a pay to win or too grindy game. Its just cooked at the right temp. Congrats on getting top 10 free games. Keep up the good work and good luck, devs. First time to see HCMC game on the board, much love guys Oh one thing, please improve the manual move and aim system. I cant choose who to get healed from my healer cat
  • Patridge Games
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!! And also appreciate your feedback. We will recommend them to the dev team.
Well, it can be really grindy even all of my cat has base level 20, starting from level 31 and so on because the enemies are much harder to fight as there are berserk cats appearing with increased stats after you stave off half of their health. Would really appreciate if there are any other modes besides campaign and endless. One more thing, sometimes a fight people in the arena that clearly cheats as they have unlocked all premium cats. Still keep up the good work. :3
  • Patridge Games
  • Thanks so much for your feedback. We are improving the game and preparing for new modes and new Cats also. For cheating/hacking users, we have banned most of them and continuing to scan accounts. Hope our answer satisfy you. Best regards.

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