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[Game] Merge City

Merge City  Merge, build, and develop your small town into a successful Merge City.

Be the mayor in this free offline idle town matching game. So simple to play. Tap boxes to reveal new buildings in your merge town. Swipe to match two of the same building to discover and unlock new buildings to build. Improve your town into a bustling merge city.

Expand your merge town, unlock new land and grow your city into a wealthy and prosperous metropolis in this free offline idle merger game; Merge town into merge city! Level up your city to gain access to new houses, condos, apartments and a range of skyscrapers to perfect your city skyline. The more you match and merge the more you earn in this free tap game/idle merger game.

Complete quests and master achievements to earn massive bonuses. Your city will even earn income whilst you are not playing. Play in multiple worlds with a new set of gorgeous neon buildings! Play the three bonus built in mini-games to earn even more gold. Compete with players worldwide and get your city to the top!

Don’t like ads? Well neither do we! Unlike other merge games, whilst there are some ads in the game they are completely opt-in. You will never see an ad unless you choose to speed up an activity by watching an ad.

If you enjoy matching games then you will love building your neon city in this awesome new merge game. You can also play the game offline.

Note: Merge City can be played completely free. Some optional in-game items, such as bonus packs, will require payment. No internet connection is required to play this offline game.

Merge City user reviews :

Another way to build your way to the top. See how much of merging your home you can get.

It’s a casual and relaxing game with minimal ads. Good gameplay. Enjoyable so far.

Game is OK repetitive it is good time water and it can burn into your eyes and see numbers and letters takes 2 days to get the burn out. Stopped playing may delete

Ok first of all i abosolutely hate asking for help. BUt in this case im afraid i must please would someone tell me how to play merge city i got my city full of buildings but from there im lost i pushed all my options and the help button was useless because it only took me to a small box where it showed you about sharing absolutely not what i was looking for. For future reference would you be ever so kind as to put the help option in plain view, and .ake absolutely for certain that it takes us to

I simply love this game mainly because it is a merge game and it’s pretty exciting to see the new buildings you get. All the buildings are quite beautiful even the simplest ones. It is easy to play cause you never get stuck in it with no spaces left for buildings to merge. I really love the way that it is set out with different cities and how you get the boxes in 5 seconds so it never gets boring just waiting around for buildings to merge. And how you can get a million coins from the purple box.
  • Sphere Game Studios – City Building Games
  • Thank you for your great review
the game i give 5 stars, but after the most recent update. i decided to delete the app. the reason is a new pop up was added that contained ads for free in game upgrades, which was fine. but the pop up came up sooo often, and the ads only worked 20% of the time. so it became a really bad experience. it was a fun game before that and i had two large cities. oh well. , …… yes i know on your reply. like I said the issue was that you had sooo many popups and the ads would only work 20% of time
  • Sphere Game Studios – City Building Games
  • We were A/B testing a feature to allow players to get free upgrades for buildings. This feature has now been removed from the game. Please update your game to receive the changes.
I do enjoy this game, but I wanted to restart from scratch, and it seems I have no way to do so. I’ve cleared app data, uninstalled the game, but it comes back right where it was before. It doesn’t feel super rewarding once you get to a high enough level, which is part of why I wanted to restart. When I first played this, I actually expected two level 30 buildings to combine into a level 1 with a special badge or something, effectively making the scale infinite. Still, I do like it.
  • Sphere Game Studios – City Building Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. If you uninstall and reinstall the game, then load your game offline it will start from the beginning. Enable internet while you are playing and your new game will save to the internet and overwrite your previous game.
Excellent and simplistic game. A good time killer that is easy and straightforward. My only quarrel is, although the graphics are very nice and appealing, Id rather save on framerate and battery as opposed to aestheics. Perhaps add an option to remove the stars and citizens (white dots)? Otherwise its great
  • Sphere Game Studios – City Building Games
  • Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback

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