Merge Fables – Explore an island full of stories

[Game] Merge Fables

Merge Fables  Welcome to Merge Fables, where you will explore an island full of stories!

Merge together pieces to meet delightful characters and build the castles of your dreams!
Master the art of huge matches to get the biggest rewards!

Merge Fables Features:

A Mysterious World
This magical island is full of all kinds of curious and delightful things. The more you explore, the more surprises you’ll discover!

Exciting Unique Characters
Match and merge thousands of different pieces to meet charming fairytale characters and see how they’re adjusting to modern life! Every new character helps you get closer to building the island of your dreams.

Challenge and Strategy
Merging is simple and fun but there’s also plenty of strategy involved! Will you merge 3 pieces to get 1 right now, or will you wait until you can get five pieces to get the bonus? The decision is yours!

Collection and Exploration
If you are out of resources, you can mine the stones, trees, and more! If you need more space to decorate your world, clear away the mist and go hunting for treasures as you explore the island!

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Merge Fables user reviews :

Good, but not great. I also play evermerge and, while they are very similar, I always find myself preferring evermerge. In this one I have a VERY hard time with space management (in evermerge I do not, as much). The side quest/level things happen too quickly, and someone like Me who works and has children/a home to care for I never have the ability to even get close to completing them because they only give you two days (or less) to finish. Overall, though, I like it a lot.
  • MergeGames
  • Thank you very much for your suggestions on the game! We will seriously consider this suggestion and make satisfactory changes in the future. Have a beautiful day!

I really enjoy this game. I love the music, sound effects and graphics. The characters are cute. I also play evermerge and I play them everyday. The only thing is that I dont feel theres enough time in the special events and the rewards should match the effort. Sometimes we are spending money to play so it would make it a bit more worth our while. In some cases they do but for the most part I end up buying something. But all in all. I give 5 stars because I enjoy it so much.

I decided to try a merge game because I was bored with my other games. Big mistake. Six or more steps to finish a challenge, and items required to complete it grow exponentially. Events can’t be completed in the time given. No character development, minimal interaction between characters.
  • MergeGames
  • Thank you very much for your suggestions on the game! We will seriously consider this suggestion and make satisfactory changes in the future. Have a beautiful day!

It’s a really fun game. You literally don’t have to pay anything to still get the full experience. Most of the time actually, when I merge things and it’s almost at the finale stage, I’ll want to see what happens next. I really like the events because it really gives us the benefits to earn more without paying much of anything.

Losing two stars for a glitch. Crops are hard enough without the glitching. I had five strawberry bushes I guess is what they are the step before I have the crops and instead of the five merging even though they were touching I only three of them merged and now I’m stuck with two bushes that I have to wait for seeds in the other steps before it to come up so I can make my crops.
  • MergeGames
  • If you have any questions, please contact the customer service team in the game, they will do their best to help you!
I have change my rating to 4 out of 5 stars. The game is getting better. Newbies heads up you will never hit 250 for Bonus energy. I’ve played since the beginning and have NEVER hit it. I hit 100 bonus Once every 3 weeks as I keep track. So yeah 40 bonus energy is about 50% of thr time. Makers of this game seem to on top of bugs and errors. They even reward you for errors caused by the game! That I like very much. Im planning my first in game purchases soon.
  • MergeGames
  • Hi! Sorry for that. It might be a bug. I am wondering if you could please give a feedback to our in-game customer service system? We have more professional colleagues there to help you.

I rated this as five stars a few months ago but I decided to explain why I did so after playing the game for a while. The characters are familiar ones from fairy tales but the developers have given them personality traits that are interesting and quirky. The in-game rewards are more generous than any other similar game. The events are great ways to earn fairies and dragons. This is one of my favorite games. Thank you developers.

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