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[Game] Merge Mayor – Idle Village

Merge Mayor  Merge Mayor gives you the opportunity to be the mayor of a small town.

Get hired and see how far you can make it in the business of building up cities! Lay the foundations by building businesses, establishing the transportation network and letting the idle game simulate and make money even when you are not playing the game!

Optimize the city layout by carefully selecting which businesses to build
Merge and discover new and exciting vehicles to transport the goods
Complete missions to earn rewards
Progress from the village to the small town to the big city and to beyond infinity!

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Merge Mayor user reviews :

It’s a really fun game the only issue I have with it is that once you make an item, there’s no going back. You can spend weeks make two identical items needed for a single task and it all be taken away by merging the two, causing you to need to start all over again. In fact, if the creators could add a similar notice for merging two high-level items as they do for selling them or create a button that allows to to split an item for a price of gems, that would improve the game play exponentially.

The game is definitely interesting and a new fresh of breath to the merge “genre”. My complaint is the energy. The quests I have require items that are high in the merge tree, which means I constantly tap on the stuff to get more. It would be great if later level item generators also produced items of higher levels as well. A level 5 cart should be producing pears & peaches, not cherries & strawberries. There should be balance, either get rid of energy or have stuff leveled accordingly.

While there is a good concept, they also test your skills. The first skill is strategy. You need to spend your wisely, before it runs out. Second is patience. You need to wait for your to refill, your generators to recharge, and more! Third is what. What should I spend for completing tasks? What should I make? What do I buy? They’re all Whats. Fourth is gems. Gems are rare, so spend them wisely. And, can you add a feature: ex. 1 Lvl.4->2 Lvl.3s. So, I recommend this for everyone! NO pop-up ads!

I really enjoy this game. You only get enough energy to play for a few minutes at a time but that doesn’t bother me. There is a bug where the games plays sounds every time you open the game so you have to enable then disable the sounds each time, which is a minor annoyance. There was a time when I had maybe 10 “orders” active at a time which was great for planning and farming multiple items concurrently. At level 35 though I only have one plus the daily. Great game overall.

This is how you make a game! super addictive, it keep opening it back up every 20 minutes to see if there’s more I can do, the task system makes it feel like you are always progressing, and you see that reflected on the world. Plus the little ads that are there are 100% your choice to see or not and they help you advance in a tree or you can not watch the ad and still get coins from it. I’ve recommended this to all my friends

I liked the last version better than the update already. This update took away my once daily offer of a small battery pack, and that was one of the only things about this game that kept me playing, because gems and coins are so hard to come by, which makes it almost impossible to buy energy at any given time. I don’t know if I’m going to keep playing this game if a future update doesn’t bring that back. I wish I could undo the update and play without having to update it. Here’s to hoping.

Starts off very slow with having an energy bar to wait to fill up as well as the spawners to timer up. However it gets better. I’ve been playing for a few months now and have kinda reached a down point. I’ve upgraded my market to max and have 1k coins I can’t use on anything useful. Because the board size never increases I am constantly having to delete other lines of builds to focus on two only otherwise I run out of space. One thing that would be good is if you could buy gems with coins.

The game was one of the best games up until it decided to stop your progress based on the level of experience you have. What’s the point to playing a game if I’m just randomly creating things with no real goals in mind. It’s disappointing because I’ve really enjoyed playing the game, but don’t feel like trying to move up 20 levels just to unlock more missions.
  • StarBerry Games
  • We are working on adding more content and systems to the game even before those high level areas! Consider joining our discord to remain up to date with the development of the game

I love this game! It’s super addicting and my absolute favorite merge game! I love the daily reward system and its the only game that has this. I also love the designs of every area and how every task makes each place look even better.

The only reason the rating is 4star instead of 5 star is because half the time I am unable to open the shop! I have tried clearing the cache, updating, restarting my phone, and even switching between wifi and cellular! Take me money!!! Lol
  • StarBerry Games
  • Hi! Would you send us your player id and more info on exactly what happens when you open the shop at support[at]

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