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[Game] Merge Meadow – Cute Animal Collector!

Merge Meadow  Merge cute animals to discover new ones!

Explore different worlds, each with unique animals, creatures, and mythical beasts. There are hundreds to discover  start building your collection!
Day Meadow has woodland critters from around the world
Night Meadow is full of mythical & magic creatures
Sea Meadow features all sorts of aquatic critters
Dino Meadow brings cute prehistoric beasts to life
Pets Meadow with the cutest house pets you’ve ever seen!
Special Event Meadows offer unique dressed up critters for a limited time! See if you can collect them all.

To play, tap to open bundles to get animals, then merge animals to discover new animals! Each animal earns hearts which you can use in the shop to buy higher level animals for faster merging.
Explore unique worlds full of adorable and magical animals!
Earn hearts to speed up merging
Collect hats & accessories to dress up your collection
Frequent events
Catch butterflies to get a frenzy bonus
Use boosts to get even more hearts
Join the quest to find the Ultimate Animal!

We want Merge Meadow to be your favorite merge game, and something that you love to play every day. We love to make games, and we try to evolve the games we make to get more fun and engaging over time. We are always working hard to make this happen – keep an eye open for updates and new features!

Merge Meadow user reviews :

It’s a cute game, but the micro transactions are absolutely horrific. 3$ each time you want to get better delivery upgrades? No thank you. I paid for one thinking I’d get better upgrades, but it only gave me level 2 then expected another 3$. The 14$ to skip all ads is understandable though. And 60 gems for 1$? I could get more coins in Pokemon go for 1$ and that’s saying something because Niantic is typically stingy. Even worse is some ads are NSFW, I saw one that had an adult toy in it.

Really cute concept and art, but the game itself is super glitchy. I can’t even get into the game anymore, so I’ll have to uninstall. Glad I didn’t pay for anything. On that note, devs, you should describe the packages a little better than just imagery. Example: if I were to buy the 13.99 add removal, does that remove all adds or just the adds for extras? Will I have to buy the other add removal package too? Tricky wording like that made me hesitate.

Really cute art. You don’t have to do anything much to enjoy this game, it’s really fun. Yes there are a lot of ads, which can be frustrating, but you also get bonuses from ads sometimes and don’t have to spend money to enjoy the game.

Changing my review and star rating. Love the game, when I can play it, but that is becoming less frequent now. Starting to consider deleting it. Pop up ads have gotten out of control recently. They are popping up constantly now for no reason and its really annoying and frustrating.

Its a fun game, great for kids or anyone looking to entertain themselves. Hate what when you level up you get treated to an Ad, but whatever. Could you also remove the hand persisting you to click the bag? It just gets annoying

Cute concept but the number of ads make it borderline unplayable. And even if you could stomach the ads (which I could for a while) they took away the option to get gems with ads so if you want the costumes you’re all out of luck.
  • Extra Dimension Games Inc.
  • sorry you don’t like it. Can you contact us with feedback so we can help improve the game?

Pretty good, fun, casual. The names are a little off putting, the fact that they’re just regular names (in my opinion) takes away from the cute designs.

I can not even get into the game all i can do is try but then it will kick me out saying “Merge Medow has stopped working.” And all i can press is ok. I put a 2 star instead at least intil the app acctually works instead of saying “not working”…

this game is so adorable! it’s just… just amazing! I like how you can tap the little bundle to make it drop faster. amazing game! please keep it up!

My only experience with this game is agreeing to a eula, and it freezing every time I try to start it up. Still don’t know what the game looks like.

It’s a rather fun and exciting merge game! I thought it would be one that would always ask you to watch an ad or what not. Five stars!

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