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[Game] MergeMergeCat

MergeMergeCat  Please Update the game (ver 1.1.5 More than)!

Reward – 150,000 Coin, Cat Stick 300, Tuna Can 300, Cat Ticket 3, Accessory Ticket 1

game introduction
In Merge Merge Cat, you can merge cute kitties together, put hats on them, feed them and enter adorable cat pageants! Play with your adorable kitties and before you know it, all your daily stress will be vanish!

Game characteristics
Merge cats and you’ll gain a brand new cat!
Bathe and dress up your cats however you like
Enter cat pageants to show off your cats to the world!
Feel warm inside from just looking at the cats. Gotta collect them all!

How to play
Merge cats of the same grade!
Earn coins and stick treats to upgrade various functions.
Collect many accessories to dress up your rare cats!
Buy various items to take care of your rare cats!
Increase your intimacy with your rare cats, then enter the cat pageant!

MergeMergeCat user reviews :

I downloaded this game the other day, and so far, I like it. The only issue I’ve had is everytime it says “Your cat gave you intimacy” and it says I get one of the token things, it never gives me any. I have 4 of the tokens, but despite it saying they’ve given me it, I never get anything! Ive had 4 of the tokens since the third day, and its the sixth day of me playing now. I wish this would be fixed. Also, I think it’d be cool if you could join clubs and chat with other players. Thats all.
  • Indiejoy
  • Hello MacKenzie Price thank you very much for playing Merge Merge Cat! Updating to version 2.2.3 resolves the problem. We will work hard to keep improving the game in the future!

The game was better before the update, as now it not only demands I install google play and is constantly throwing me notifications about that but it also freezes whenever I try to enter the cat contest. The new features would be great if I was able to play normally. Now it’s more frustrating. I’m not sure if other users are experiencing the same issues

I don’t like most of the changes in the update; it is insanely difficult to get currencies together now then before. Limited the contests per day, collecting resources is drastically decreased, things were updated in totally broken, the ‘fortune wheel’ they added will pretty much give you 40k half the time and you’ll never hit the crystal currency, which they removed from daily playtime rewards. Otherwise, it’s a cute merge game.
  • Indiejoy
  • Hello synchro593 thank you very much for playing Merge Merge Cat! We will work hard to keep improving the game in the future!
The new update is fun but there are times that it’s buggy. The cat coins I acquired from merging cats are no where to be found. It keeps saying 0 but the truth is I have more than that. :'( Kindly fix that, please? Thank you!
  • Indiejoy
  • Hello Elaiza Lar thank you very much for playing Merge Merge Cat I’m sorry. Please update it to the latest version.
Lovely game, very fun to play a few times a day, great cute time waster. Been playing for a while now
  • Indiejoy
  • Hello YT yello thank you very much for playing Merge Merge Cat I’m sorry. Please update it to the latest version.

i love it so much im totaly a winner at this game now but its my firsts time i didnt even tried it or play it and l never ever ever ever ever play this befor its so much fun i love it i got the winners cat and also i think if im gonna play this everyday i wont delete i might have ALL THE CUTE FLUFFY KITTIES

Extremely cute game, I love its song effects (especially meows when getting new cats ). However, like in many other apps like this, development and many kind of prizes and earnings can be achieved only by watching tons of ads or paying for in-app purchases. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it depends on the difference ads / payments can make. And in this game, this difference feels annoying. Especially when ads won’t end (yet I’m not sure if it’s a regular on an occasionally bug).

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