Merlin and Merge Mansion – Become friends with fantastic creatures

[Game] Merlin and Merge Mansion

Merlin and Merge Mansion  Travel to a Cloud Castle, help Merlin and Morgana to restore a Magic Academy, become friends with wondrous, fantastic creatures and decorate your very own fantasy mansion in one of the best merge games: Merlin and Merge Mansion.

Merge furniture, merge dragons, merge magic gems to solve puzzles, and decorate in Merlin and Merge Mansion. So many merge games await! Everything you merge helps to lift the curse from the Mansion that you can decorate after that.

Save and merge magic creatures: mages, centaurs, griffins, dragons, and many others, so they could help you in your quest of building a Magic Academy.

A huge number of things to merge: chairs, tables, lamps, sofas, bookcases, and tens of other types of furniture and decorations. You can also merge magic creatures! Merge dragons! Merge magic gems! Merge everything you want!

Merlin and Merge Mansion is not just one of the other merge games, it’s a unique combination of the features where you can design magic academy, merge dragons and enjoy many other merge games, play match-3 games, complete quests, grow a magic tree, and many other puzzle games.

Even if you don’t like to merge dragons or merge magic gems, you still can collect other cutest creatures ever in Merlin and Merge Mansion.

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Merlin and Merge Mansion user reviews :

There are many bugs in this game. Also it is not very inspiring and the puzzles are way too hard.
  • KUCA Games
  • Hi, sorry to hear that. Could you please give us more details about the bugs you mentioned, so we could look into them?

Cute! Only gave 4 stars cause im not fond of having to go thru the story line so often.

Cute & engaging match 3 puzzle game. So far I’m loving it.

Awesome game! Please don’t change a thing. I can play this game for hours and still have stuff to do.

It was enjoyable until I hit level121. It is no longer enjoyable I have not been able to get past that level. I will be deleting the game off my phone. I like to play enjoyable games not frustrating stuck on a level for several weeks type games. I know you guys want to make money that’s why there are difficult levels but impossible levels are a different matter altogether.

Great game for mergers and 3inRow fans not paid for anything yet but looking optimistic so might splurge

It’s a good game other than I have been stuck on the same level for more than 3 weeks and that’s even with using multiple power ups every time I play it… The collection of creatures is a favorite part for me. The furniture collection is getting better and better. I like this one, hopefully earning power ups will get easier for those of us who get stuck for long periods of time!

It has been a really good game so far.just to many ads

Merlin is a game of merge of items and creatures and gold ,but with a different unique platform. You are not forced to buy anything, but buying will always help your gameplay. Anyone who plays this game will not regret it , and enjoy their experience!

EDIT 5… Thanks for the update I can open boxes and collect money other than a new weekly challenge nothing else has changed I guess you missed all the complaints in regards to how difficult the match three game is Im still sat there stuck on a stupid level with 3 things to collect whilst 2 things grow I have been on the level now over a month I’ve had other people try Its impossible to complete the level Im not saying the level because the whole thing needs fixing LET US ENJOY THE GAME!!!!!!
  • KUCA Games
  • The strategy in level 152 is to take out the wax (yellow cubes), then fog, then candles. For difficult levels like this, we suggest using power-ups that you can get for free from the Crystal ball every day and buy with gems that you can get from the daily quests for free. Try to save a few spells before starting a difficult level. Hope it helps!

To open one door you need to get 70 keys….this I find too much. It also takes too much time as some levels are too tough, then the game becomes boring as we are only merging. Good point is the magical, cute characters, the dragons, elves etc.

Tutorials in the match 3 section are irritating, and the scrolling is glitchy at best. All in all though; a good game.
  • KUCA Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. When you’re saying scrolling is glitchy do you mean match-3 game or merge?

Something different with the merging, great!

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