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Million LordsMillion Lords is a mobile strategy game unlike any others, with a strong emphasis on combat and conquering, and a season-based leaderboard progression. Unlike other conquest games, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours upgrading buildings and manually-creating armies.” Bluestacks.

Conquer the cities of other players in real-time battles, defend your territory against invaders and plan for your ultimate victory: sitting on the throne of the Three Lands!

Suitable for mobile & tablets!


No city building, no farming, or timer!
An original and unique real-time strategy gameplay.
Online multiplayer
Team up and plan organized attacks with your clan!
An RPG skill tree
Choose between 10 talents to strengthen your skills.
60 craftables items
To adapt your strategy in real-time!
A procedural and persistent world
The Three Lands never stops evolving!

Every month, we will crown a new player and it could be you!
Start fresh like everyone at the beginning of each season: keep your obtained gears and try to climb the leaderboard!

Choose your skills and create your own Lord: your hero, your choice!
Specialize your character and kingdom to face the enemy in this innovative real-time strategy game of conquest!

In Million Lords, everything is about conquest and empowerment in real-time!
Expand your territory beyond all expectations: the only border is your determination.

Make friends in Million Lords and create the greatest clan together!
Fight for your brotherhood and be a rightful leader!

Million Lords is a new real-time strategy game of conquest with constant updates!
Join our Discord:
To share your experience with the devs team and the community!

Email: support[at]

You will not forget this unique real-time strategy game of conquest!

Million Lords user reviews :

So far has been an awesome game. For the all of 2 minutes I can actually play it that is. I have a S21+ and the game runs fine for a minute or two. But after that it lags insanely bad. Can’t move troops. Can’t attack things. Can’t collect rewards. Can’t level anything up. Random event pop ups on map won’t give me the coins or troops. Have to restart the game. Only for it to do it over and over again. Wouldn’t recommend based on it being unplayable at this time.
  • Hello Billy and thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. Can you send an email to support[at] providing as much detail as possible about the technical problems you are experiencing? We understand your frustration and take your reports into account to improve the gaming experience for our players.
I would easily give 5 star rating but the game has some irritating bugs that made me lower my grade. Few of the bugs were in alliance chat where it automatically kicks you out of the chat in a half written sentence. Second one was in the game itself where the report lags out and my scouts don’t send anything or a town i am capturing doesn’t show anything. Also i think the game will be a lot better when it grows a little more. Other than than gj developers the game is exciting and addicting
  • Thank you Milos for your feedback and support! We will work hard on improving our game and fix every bugs/issues in it! We hope to reach your expectations soon!

This game has tremendous potential, don’tget complacent developers! I feel this can become one of the top mobile games of it’s genre! Now that the multi accounting has been addressed I feel comfortable giving this 5stars! Keep up the good work!

This is a great game… easy to learn and thoroughly enjoyable to play. The devs welcome all feedback and reply with a few hours (and sometimes faster).

Really enjoying it, great community, lots of action. Needs a good many QoL improvements, but based on the current pace I’d give it five stars.

Great game, needs better intro for new players. Youtube guides will help get past the early hurdle. Super fun and engaging.

Awesome if you like true strategy but don’t want the unnecessary tricks from games like Game of War.

The game so much fun, you bring the new concept for conquer game, but the UX so poor even when you already gave the tutorial. Some button can’t be press, too confusing if user accidentally press skip tutorial, and many more I can’t tell in here. I think you need to learning user behavior more deeper. Sorry if my English little bit confusing, not my primary language.
  • Hello michelle and thank you for your feedback! We have an UI/UX designer who will be dedicated to improve everything ingame about it! We hope you will be able to see the changes and tell us what you think of it!

Honestly love this game and no idea how people think its a “money grab” its all about strategy and using your troops and gold wisely, just learn how to play and you can be great!

Last Update :

Power of Gems


Magic Gems!
A new item for the end of season reward!
Use these gems to improve the stats of your favorite items.

Extended reward calendar
Our calendar will go from 14 days to 28 days.

Fixes & Improvements

Many bug fixes

Contact developer :


Video :

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