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[App] Minecraft diamond finder

Minecraft diamond finderMinecraft diamond finder : The ultimate tool for Minecraft!

Use Minecraft diamond finder app to calculate the amount of diamonds inside the chunk (16 by 16 blocks) you are in. Press “How to use” in the app or check out the second screenshot to find out how to use it:
1: Press F3 while in-game
2: Look for the numbers written after X and after Z on your screen
3: Enter these numbers in the according text boxes in the app
4: Press “Find diamonds!”
5: You now see how many diamonds you can find in your chunk
The easiest way to find diamonds is to walk around, use the app to find a good amount of diamonds, press F3 and dig down until you are at Y-coordinate 14.

Minecraft and its attributes belong to Mojang AB and are not associated with Octosaurus Inc.
This is unofficial third party software released by Octosaurus Inc.

Minecraft diamond finder user reviews :

@Darron. You must not know what a chunk is. A chunk is 16x16x128. If you want 16x16x16, there is a mod called cubic chunks, which allows almost unlimited map height while letting the game run smoothly.

This app doesn’t ask for a seed – it guesses. It’s is absolutely useless. However, a slime chunk finder I have actually works becauss it looks at the seed and Minecraft’s world generation and finds which chunks (16x128x16) can spawn slimes.

This app is bs.It doesn’t work no wander its free.I thought I could believe in it,and use it to show it off to my friends.But no this Guy had to use false advertisement.Not worth wasting ur time or storage on ur device.

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