Minesweeper Classic – Uncover all the squares that do not contain mines

[Game] Minesweeper Classic – Simple, Puzzle, Brain

Minesweeper Classic  Remember the classic minesweeper in PC? Now it comes to Android devices!

It’s a traditional puzzle game. Simple to play and you can get a lot of fun.

The goal of the game is to uncover all the squares that do not contain mines.
To mark a mine use long tap.

Minesweeper features:

Scanner tool to uncover mines that are not sure
Variable minefield.
Classical gameplay.
Different difficulty
Show your result
its a real Old School minesweeper.
adapted to the screen.

Tap the squares to sweep and long tap them to mark as a bomb. Simple enough!
Collect the scanner to help you resolve the last mine! Share to your friends and challenge now!

If you like minesweeper, you’re going to love this game! Just try this small game!

Minesweeper Classic user reviews :

The only real complaint I have is that if I tilt my phone the game resets. I’ve had a couple games that I was doing well only to have it restart when I accidentally tilted my phone too much. Otherwise it’s a super fun classic game.
  • Polestar App Cloner Dev.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We will fix this issue.

It’s really great I love the multiplayer FPS aspect of it it really brings me in my only question is when are you going to bring out another update I found a bug that if you walk into this certain wall it actually makes you fall out of the map. But either than that the game is great I love it I would actually give my kids to you. Thanks love you bye.

the game is fun. but they force yout to rate the app very quickly. and after a couple times losing they ask if you want to watch a tips video. the problem is they won’t let you try again without watching the video. i know how to play the game and this app is pushing me around and won’t let me just play
  • Polestar App Cloner Dev.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We will optimize the game experience.

I played a few rounds before the ads started rolling in. Then the app does what I guess is common for apps these days, it begs for a rating after giving you no time to experience the app. Normally I’d like a little experience with an app before giving it a rating, but since you asked so soon…

Traditional game…..haven’t played this in years. Still fun, just have to get used to playing on android tablet instead of using a mouse like the old days.

the adds are honestly annoying. i was really hoping to find a game i could play offline but thats hard when the game literally shoves an add down your throat if you use your one free starting hint where every time u restart ur forced to watched a video unless u refresh the game by fiddling with the settings

Good nestalgic game, but you can’t pause the game, if you close the app and go back into it, it is a new game. Other than that, perfect

This has been my favourite game since I was a child. That Pop up after winning may be confused for a mine blast. Should be changed

Not enough options, can’t tell when I place a flag, ads are frequent and broken. Much better minesweeper games out there

Fun, true to the classic, but contains invasive popup ads that display even when game is not running!

Love the game but hate all of the ads. You’re forced to watch a video in order to continue playing and when that video ends and you get back to the game you are forced to watch another video.

everytime a game ends it forces you to watch a video about another game. I dont want to watch video about another game. I want to play this one. uninstalled it.
  • Polestar App Cloner Dev.
  • sorry for the issue. we will optimize the game experience.

I enjoy this app, takes me back to playing minesweeper on the computer when I was young because that was the only game we could play without internet

great game, but hate that you have to waste some of my limited time here on earth watching ads

you should put the flag button at the bottom of the page, than the user can use two hand, and mark the flag by using two finger… it will be more useful

ads for getting lives are annoying but the gameplay itself is great

VERY addictive! i love this game..time is non existent. A LOT

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