Minesweeper Classic Retro – Get lost in the world of classic Minesweeper

[Game] Minesweeper Classic Retro

Minesweeper Classic Retro   Now with GUESS-FREE MODE and MORE THAN 40+ THEMES* :) Your free theme is waiting!

Play Minesweeper with its all retro classic graphics! Customize your game with tons of settings and make the game your own. Earn coins and unlock gorgeous themes. Get lost in the world of classic Minesweeper!

Key Features:

Starting point: You will always encounter an open area with your first tap
5 game modes to choose from: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme and Custom
40+ gorgeous retro themes: Unlock these themes by earning coins. Earn coins for flagging mines and winning rounds
Guess-free Mode (Beta): Play guess-free boards to eliminate 50/50 situations. Enable guess-free mode in advanced settings
Quick Flag: Turn this mode on to tap and quickly flag cells
Zoom & Pan: Pinch to zoom and drag to pan around. Use the Overview button to reset your zoom
Tons of Settings: Customize your game with tons of settings. Change your zoom sensitivity, set the functionality of the New Game button, customize the top bar to quickly access your favorite buttons, turn off the ‘hold to flag’ option or set your desired Minesweeper theme along with many other settings
Stats: Keep track of your high scores, win percentage and total play time
Hints: Are you stuck? Press the hint button to highlight the area you should focus on. The hint button only shows you areas where you are certain to progress. It won’t show areas where the outcome is unknown
Save/Load: The game will automatically continue where you left off from upon being launched
Continue: If you hit a mine you can continue from where you left off for 50 coins or by watching a video ad
Leaderboards: Keep track of worldwide player scores


Flags: Press and hold on a cell to deploy a flag. Press and hold again to remove the flag. A cell will never open if you click on a flag
Question marks: (Disabled by default) Press on a flag to turn it into a question mark. Press on it again to turn it back into a flag
Hints: The hint button will highlight the surrounding of a cell which is already opened, and from which it is guaranteed to make progress
Tap number: Press on an open cell to reveal the cells surrounding it. This will only work if the amount of flags placed around the open cell is equal to the number on that cell

Earn 1 coin for 1 correct mine flag
Earn bonus coins for completing a game

Save & Restore your themes with Google Play Services:
Save your themes by logging into Google Play Services so you can restore them if you happen to switch to a different device
Make sure your themes are saved by checking your achievements. If an achievement is unlocked for a particular theme then that theme is saved

Make sure you are logged into Google Play Services (if you are not automatically logged in):
Click on the leaderboards button located in the Statistics window
If the game doesn’t log you in or prompt a login window after a few seconds close the app
Go to your device’s settings and login to Google Play Services from there
Open Minesweeper Classic: Retro and click on the leaderboards button again and it should log you in


Minesweeper Classic Retro user reviews :

After further playing, this app might be the greatest iteration of minesweeper there is. There’s an insane amount of features, themes and if you scroll down in the advanced options, you’ll find an impressive amount of small options to make the game what you want it to be. I have played over 3,000 games. More often than I win, I lose due to multiple guesses needed per game or accidentally click trying to flag. Currently working on finding ways to play fast and work around the phone handicap.

The full version is reasonably priced and removes the ads. It offers lots of nice features and many options to tweak the game anyway you want.

Amazing original experience. Worth paying to remove the ads

This game borders on being illegally addictive! If you remember, and enjoyed, the classic Win-95/Win-98 Minesweeper from Microsoft this is essentially the real deal. Even the adds have a purpose: They allow you to drag yourself away from the game so you can get work done and/or get some sleep.

It’s mine sweeper alright. And you can adjust it so there is as little or as much guessing as you like. Ads after nearly every game, but for $2 you can make them go away. I wish there was a way to adjust the colors manually, but it’s cool.

One of the best minesweeper games for Android so far. Premium isn’t too expensive and I love the customization options. I woild however love a tutorial ingame that new players will see when launching the app for the first time, as well as a menu where you can learn and practice different solutions for different problems.

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