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Ministry Assistant  A help for Jehovah’s Witnesses in their field service to quickly take notes and stay organized.

It’s very easy to keep track of your territories, all your return visits, your service time for the month and plan your day or week of door to door ministry.

Never forget a return visit again or be frustrated trying to find you paper notes!

NOTE: Please send suggestions by e-mail instead of leaving them in a comment, since I can’t reply if I don’t understand what you mean, and the suggestion will never be implemented!


Easily create and generate territories with streets, buildings or rural addresses
Tag addresses with GPS positions and see them on a map
Make fast notes of a visit with just a few clicks
Automatically update visit dates
Create a ministry schedule for your service year or month
Share information using NFC
Keep track of return visits, bible studies and magazine routes
Keep track of return visits by date, neighborhood or bookmarks
Send addresses and return visits as SMS if several publishers work a territory or as data to import directly into Ministry Assistant.
Add time for return visit to Google calendar
See statistics over a territory, what time and days you’ve been working there
Keep track of your service time for each month and year, and send the report by SMS or e-mail
Different profiles like pioneer or auxiliary pioneer
Widget for month report
Backup/restore easily to never lose your notes if something unexpected happens
Territory Helper and Territory Assistant integration

Needed to be able to make backups to Google Drive

Needed for GPS tagging addresses

Needed to use Google Maps

Needed to be able to write the appointment with a return visit to the Google Calendar

Needed to import a person or person details from the contacts on the phone

Thanks to those who translate!

Ministry Assistant user reviews :

I’ve been using this app since last year and it’s very helpful and convenient to use especially when sending my monthly FS report to our group overseer. Thank you so much for your effort

A crash was fixed – 2 Feb 2020. I updated my app. But now I cannot capture my hours, placements return visits and all others. I keep getting messages that my MA is not responding. I’ve reported every time I get this message. What Are You Doing About My reporting? Can you fix my problem? Please advise. Kind regards 23April21 All sorted …. Thank you

This app has been very useful for me with not only tracking my field service activities for each month, but for checking and comparing my service year stats, which help me to find areas of improvement. The reminders to submit my field service reports have, also, very helpful.

Now appears some issues/bugs after latest update: can’t call on phone via application, instead of phone number saved in application, gives a very long digits and should call manually phone numbers from application but not directly from application as before latest update, and this is about only territory from “house to house” and not about the visits, on visits can call directly from application as before Restart the phone and reinstall the application and with no success, issue ISS the same

This has helped me so much! It can be kind of hard to keep track of the hours you spend in the field ministry, so this app is great!

Love the ability to sync my stats across devices effectively! Great log!

One of the better apps for keeping track of your ministry activity.

I have been using this for a few years now and really like it. My only issue thus far is concerning the timer display. It does not show if you are ahead of the hourly goal for the month that has been set and will not show. I regularly use the timer. So I hope this can be fixed.

This app is so useful in keeping track of my time and placements! Thank you for all the hard work you have done to make it available! I do wish there was a way to keep the timer from closing by mistake. There have been times when I had the timer rolling and I mistakenly closed it out somehow, before recording my time. I wish that when the timer is going, if anything prompts the timer to close, there was an “Are you sure?” prompt. Otherwise, I love this app! Thanks again!

I like this app. I have been using it for years and I appreciate that no matter what new phone I get I can retrieve my return visits. Their territory feature is great but since I am in foreign language and we already use digital territories I do not use it much…

Hey brothers, as today’s day text brings out, no addresses. I was wondering if you don’t want to put a password on this app. Great app otherwise!

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