Mission Chief – It is your task to dispatch the right units

[Game] Mission Chief – 911 Fire Fighter Emergency Manager

Mission Chief  Fire Fighter, police officer or ambulance driver.

It is your task to dispatch the right units. Experience the excitement of an emergency call dispatcher at your finger tips! Create your own dispatch center and choose where in the world your fire and police stations are placed, using real life maps. You want to recreate the emergency system of your city? Or would you prefer to build a huge fire station right on top of the Madison Square Garden? The choice is yours!

First you start with a fire station and a Type 1 or Type 2 engine. Afterwards you can expand your emergency system any way you want. Add more specialist vehicles like HazMat, Heavy Rescue vehicles, MCV (Mobile Command Vehicle), or build up your police force with SWAT and K9 units – or both and cover all emergency calls!

The game allows for vast customization, so all stations and vehicles can be named. And as some specialized vehicles need trained personnel, you can set up training courses and assign specialists to specific vehicles. Advanced players can use helicopters (HEMS) to get to the most urgent emergencies quickly!

If you enjoy teamwork then help friends by joining or creating an alliance. You can share jobs to help each other out as well as allow friends to take patients to your hospital or prison. The more units you have will boost your call amount too, increasing the challenges you face. Remember, some calls will require different types of units to be sent so ensure your fleet is up-to-date!

This game was developed by a real firefighter. So it was always important to have realistic emergency missions with realistic demands for vehicles – from small missions like a burning car to big ones like a bridge collapse – all on real life maps!
Naturally a lot of our players are also firefighters, police officers or ambulance drivers in their real lives. For fans of emergency, blue light systems this is the perfect game!

Finally, we want to let you know that we are always interested in ideas for new missions, vehicles and other content. Just give us a note in a review, contact us on Facebook or send us an email. We cannot implement everything but we strive to realize the valuable input from our players. We are working hard and very closely with our community – to expand the game with you! A game for all fans of fire fighter games.

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Mission Chief user reviews :

Great, addictive and fun… though it takes a while to resolve situations and build cash in game BUT that is fine, otherwise it would be too quick.

I absolutely love this game and I’m hooked!!! I’d love to see the option of an armed dog unit I mentioned it in game too. Could easily throw them out at 22k! Would and do definitely recommend

I absolutely love this game, sort of a tactical logic game. But let’s be real, the cost to build some of the buildings and upgrade them is terrible. Without being glued to it 24/7, it’ll take a week to get enough credit for a new building or level 4 upgrade. Then there’s the crew situation… Comes with 10 people, but you can only get 1 person a day during recruiting without spending the coins. How is this logical when you have 10 stations with 3 or 4 vehicles to fill? Fix these and I’ll give 5 stars

There are definitely some things that could be fixed, the fee structure can become absolutely absurd for this type of game, another issue is the countless servers. I worked on my Map and departments only to find out that I was on the UK server and not the US server, and there is no way to move my game data over to the US server where most of the other people I know play.

Decent game, but could be a great game if building costs were so high and that you have to spend so much and in return you may get just 1 coin which is as much use as a chocolate teapot . Don’t hold us to ransome with overpriced items , let the users enjoy it cheaper

Its awesome and fun. But now i keep running into a small minor problem theres a thing keeps poping up when im on the game. That saids can not reach game. Thing would also say bad gate way and 502 something like that. When im playing the game please fix this problem.

Fun game to play, very new experience for gaming. Dont really like how much everything costs in the game so your progression is a little on the slower side. But still cool game

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