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Mist Forest  Command your legion, battle for legend! Dear commanders, welcome to Mist Forest!

Mist Forest is an adventure role playing game with magical fantasy background. Players can command an army of heroes to battle against hundreds of bosses in Mist Forest. Collect heroes & relics along the way and level up with no limitation in this wonderful world!

Heroes & Relics collection makes your army stronger! Dungeon challenges test your strategies and give you rewards! Revive system helps you continue the adventure! High quality graphics and unique art style immerse you in the magical forest! Play while you chill and have fun in this exciting adventure RPG – Mist Forest!

Courageous commanders, start your journey now!

Game Feature
Epic adventure!
Embark on a voyage of wonder and visit long-forgotten lands. The world of Mist Forest awaits you.
Experience the magical fantasy battle background of thousands of stages. Enjoy the magical fantasy world!
Smash enemies & Strength heroes along the adventure!
Endless levels for endless fun! Continue your adventure without limitation!

Collect heroes!
Countless characters with specific skills and different factions for you to explore!
Collect heroes to assemble your army!
Use different heroes in battles to test your strategies! Combine heroes with different skills and factions bonuses to outplay your enemies!
Enhance & Evolve! Strengthen the army! Outfit your warriors for victory! Become legends of war!

Gain Relics!
Dozens of powerful relics with different effects!
Equip your heroes with relics to get stronger!
Level up the relics to be more powerful!

Raid dungeon monsters!
Defeat hundreds of monsters and gain gorgeous rewards!
You have 6 chances to challenge the boss every day. Remember to go back to the game to check.

Idle gameplay!
Tap games mechanics let you play the game with a touch of the screen.
Auto combat let you enjoy the battle! You only need to sit back and watch your heroes defeat the bosses.
Battle and earn rewards even when offline. Don’t worry about the time that you take a break!

Following Us
Find out more information here!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mist-Forest-103406924863196/
Official Website: mistforest.neteasegames.com/

Mist Forest user reviews :

Looks like fun. But, every time I start the game it crashes or locks up and then crashes within the first 5 to 60 secs after game start. Sometimes I can start a fight or buy something, but I can’t play for long. This occurs on my Samsung Note 10. Uninstalled/reinstalled with same issues. Update: Aside from crashes, which are less frequent now, I find this to be fun but quickly gets boring and repititious. Need more to do.

It’s fun, but some quality of life improvements would be nice. 1. Please let me purchase everything in Titania’s shop at once. Holding down each button for a minute at a time is pointless. 2. Purchases should remove ads 3. Let me stay on the PVP screen for Arena and Ranked match. Basically put me back on the screen where launched the battle instead of sending me back to the main screen every time.

The game is okay for passing time, but there is a huge bottleneck early on that keeps requiring you to get more and more basic materials for upgrades for a long time which detracts from progression. The PVP system for matching is ridiculous, for days at a time, I’m matching up with “players” that are 10x -1000x my power level. Im at 300k power, meanwhile my opponents are 300k2 power most recently. I have to wait a couple days for me to move backwards to still fight someone only 100x my power.

Right now I am not liking this game. It’s fun to play and a pretty good idle game. But, the greed kills it. You have to pay for almost everything. Wanna speed up combat? 5.99. Want your characters to use skills automatically? .99 there is something around every corner to have you spend money. I get mobile games have to have ways to make money. This is just straight up a money grab.
  • Netease Games Global
  • Hello player: Thank you for your feedback, We will open 2X speed for free in the future. At present, you can choose whether to buy according to your own needs.

Needs a dedicated UI for character list and item bag for equipments, character fragments and so on. Needs to display more information for items on shop and so on preferably via tap or holding the icon. Gacha should show list of possible character results. There is a lot to improve on this game too bad it was release on this state.

Amazing game with so much to add. Played 4 days now and hit a stand still with pvp fighting bot / AI 350k+ more power then myself. Also in pve where the monsters 1 or 2 shot my heroes with 1k+ defence, 200k+ hp. 300 diamonds a day from ads makes it hard to progres. All round great game. 5 stars if there is a balance with defence and healing being more useful. As, so far, it is just based on can you kill something before you get 1 shotted

Its nice game i quite enjoyed it… But please fix why my resources doesnt accumulated when i closed the game. Isnt thats the point for naming it “idle” game, where your resources will accumulated even the game’s closed??? And also these scroll for summoning is minus 4 on my shop for some reason. And what/where is these 30 heroes shard that we got from summoning same heroes?? Please give info. Thank you

Last Update :

1. New adventure – Labyrinth Rescue. Find the Lurkers in the crisis-ridden maze, defeat the Boss and rescue the Elfs.
2. New system – Village. NPCs rescued from the maze can restore production to village facilities.
3. New system – Material Synthesis. Items such as soul seals, experience and gold coins can be synthesized from materials produced in the Village.
4. New system – Soul Seal. Matching different soul seals will result in more personalised hero experience.

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