MMA Manager 2021 – Fight your way to the top

[Game] MMA Manager 2021

MMA Manager 2021  Be the manager of your own gym and fight your way to the top!

Hire the top-rated fight coaches and gym trainers.

Train your boxers, level them up, and develop their skills and fighting capabilities. Defensive? Offensive? Or a mix of both? You choose!

Feel the adrenaline rush and taste the action of the boxing experience in Quick fights, Tournaments, Campaigns, and Gym vs Gym! Enjoy the endless fights in single and multiplayer gameplay modes!

Can you win all your fights?
Show the world the best you can do!

Build your own gym and stack it with the best equipment from the shop.
Create your fighters, style them with shorts, t-shirts, tattoos and more!
Work on their core skills and fighting skills.
Do you think you can master the game plan and score KNOCKOUTS?!
Enter the ring! Win the battles and earn credits, prestige, and cash. There are no limits for how much you can fight!
Choose your style and make history by topping the leaderboard.

Nothing is more satisfying than defeating your opponents and proving your skills!

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MMA Manager 2021 user reviews :

I’m addicted. Four days in, I’m really enjoying it. Customization of fighters is really nice. There’s a good balance between time playing and progress. Ads in game are optional, a trade for in game currency, I love this. I wish there was a screen where I can read all the “Tips” too better understand the mechanics of the game. This game is not PTW but they’re is in game currency you can buy that would speed up the process of training your fighters, this does not have any impact on winning.
  • Tilting Point
  • We’re glad you liked the game and we would like to thank you for taking the time to leave us this amazing review. You’ve just made our day. Enjoy the fights!
It’s a decent manager game, that could use a bit more on the meta. But on the micro you can hire and train fighters and trainers, decorate gym and get to adjust fights Vs opponent’s. The visual during fighting is good too and the ground fighting is fairly detailed (arm bars, headlocks etc). The amount of ads are well balanced (select them for extra value) and the offers are non invasive. I enjoy it so far. Suggest adding power ups/tactics to choose between fight rounds
  • Tilting Point
  • Thank you for taking the time to write us this amazing review. Our team will definitely consider your suggestions. Keep playing and enjoy fighting
This is a great game. Not p2w, as so many whine about. You can pay your way to faster training, but then you also level up, so you’ll be matched with fighters on a similar level. It’s not like you can spend money and become instantly unbeatable. You have to develop a diverse team of fighters with some well-rounded skills, and build up the facilities to train them in – which I find very fun to do! My compliments to the developers!
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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to right us this wonderful review. We are glad you’ve liked the game. Actually you’ve made our day . Enjoy fighting!
Loving this game, it’s a good time waster, and it’s a game you can play for free, I haven’t spent any money on here and my main fighter is doing well, managed to get to the last person in deathpuch team in campaign, stuck on him at the moment, but nothing training won’t fix, all in all its just a brilliant game overall, thank you for creating this game n.n
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  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We are happy you love the game . Keep fighting
Really fun game so far that I have enjoyed. But is poor explanation of game mechanics and truly makes it hard to learn the game. It just doesn’t make since. All you can really do is train them…kinda.. than just kinda hope for the best…? So be cautious
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  • We would like to thank you for taking the time to write us this review. Our team will definitely consider your comments to make the game better. Keep playing and good luck with the fights!
Great game, but few more updates would be soo great, 1. Reduct the Long training time 2. Instructing fighters while fighting would be very interesting. 3. More free gems, Overall this is a excellent game with a fantastic graphics and sound effects. Looking forward to the next update.
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  • We would like to thank you for taking the time to write us this review. Our team will definitely consider your comments to make the game better. Keep playing and good luck with the fights!
I love the game, but it’s the little things that annoy me, the fighter’s height could say 180 cm tall, but it is the same height as somebody who is 200 cm tall, and the models of the skinniest and middle range characters are a little off, especially the skinniest characters model, tge arms just don’t sit right.
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  • Thank you for your review. Of course we will consider your comment . Keep fighting.

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