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Mob Wars LCN  It’s time to fulfill your family duty and live a life of crime in Mob Wars LCN. Work your way up the ranks of mobsters as you fight against MILLIONS of players in one of the most successful online mafia games of all time!


Complete hundreds of dangerous and illegal jobs in over 30 cities!
Fight powerful mob bosses and real players!
Level up, choose your skills and customize your mobster!
Chat with players from across the world!
Recruit friends to grow your mob, form syndicates and battle rival cartels, street gangs and mobsters!
Purchase real estate and grow your underworld empire!
Thousands of unique weapons, armor and vehicles!
Collect thousands of achievements!
Craft your own super powerful weapons!
Rank on global and social Leaderboards across multiple categories!
New game content added weekly!
Free to play and no ads!

Prepare to swindle, cheat, blackmail, and butcher your way to the top. You’ll soon become the don of the fiercest crime syndicate the world has ever seen!

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Note: this game can only be played while online.

Mob Wars LCN user reviews :

I like that there’s options to defend against players who repeatedly attack you unlike other games where the pay to win players can just nonstop bully free playing players
  • Thanks for playing Eddie and I’m glad you are happy with the balance between defensive and offensive options for players. We’d love to improve on your rating for us, so please get in touch and let us know what you’d like to see –[at]
Fights are filled with enemies i cant win against. I lvl up so fast in Zombie slayer compared to mob wars and thats sad cause i liked mob wars more. If this isnt fixed then ill have to uninstall cause all im doing is logging in and doing jobs basically and it gets boring really fast.
  • Thanks for playing Kevin! Sorry if you’ve had some trouble with your fight list lately. There are a few ways to earn some stronger loot and level up your character that we’d be happy to talk over with you. We always want to improve, so please get in touch at anytime –[at]
KillerK here we lost Mafia War and came here the same hacks and you have multiple tickets and evidence are now using a modified DEMON it is time to rid the game of the hijackers. Also the remaining toxic chat where losers and haters prey against innocent players. Current fair players cannot see lists due to a script. Now a month with one person seeing and catching blitz and all high bounties on s1 and she has been banned and you let her destroy our game. Not good KANO!
  • Thank you for the review, Karen.
love the game. but a certain player attacks me nonstop. i cant even do any bosses without being attacked by them. latest update is very laggy
  • Sorry to hear about your trouble. Please contact us in support and we’d be happy to help –
ive been playing for over 9 years with a few breaks totaling about 2 and a half years, if your not spending money you will never be able to win alot but theres some players that dont spend money just like me that i can beat, learning all the ways to get stonger is key to being a force to be reckoned with when not spending money, i find this game addictive and cant seem to walk away.
  • Hey Charles, Thank you very, very much for the great 5 star rating and thorough review. If you have any questions, or something you’d like to see added to Mob Wars: LCN, hit us up at !
Simple game but lots of things to keep you going. Game is relaxing as always new things to do but a long road to cover it has taken me over three years to reach just over 1900 mobsters out of 2000
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!! Nice job on almost filling out the 2000 members, that is quite an accomplishment!

I have played this game off and on throughout the years and just recently started seriously playing. I love this game, and really hope you guys keep this game going. This game has been with my throuh my young years as a teenager, and now as an adult. It’s one of the things that helped me through my depression. Truly amazing game!

Last Update :


Syndicate Raids!
Improved profile stats. Now you can see a lot more information about your character!
Quality of Life improvements and more!

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