[Game] Mobbles

MobblesMobbles : Catch and collect funny little creatures in your smartphone !

Mobbles are small and fun creatures living around us !
Catch them in your smartphone and raise them !

Discover which Mobbles are around you with your Mobbles radar, and catch them if you’re close enough !

Grow their affection by taking care of them like real pets when they need you !
There are more than 60+ creatures available, can you capture and keep them all ?
Buy fun clothes for your little creatures and put them in cool rooms !
Trade creatures with your friends and grow your collection !

Stay updated to know where the cool Mobbles are hiding !
…and many more features to come !

User Reviews:

Great to play with, but make sure you have a good gps unit, or else you’ll be like me and spend minutes trying to get one but the gps refuses to move you near. Also, there appears to be a few bugs, namely after the third room, I am unable to move new mobbles in. Please look into that. Otherwise, very fun.

My level 5 mobble just completely disappeared!! Room and everything just gone! All thats left is an empty hole!!! Soooo frustrating! Otherwise I quite like the game!

Me l’hanno suggerito e sembra carino, c’è ancora qualche bug marginale da risolvere (si blocca in alcune azioni, tipo cattura o acquisto), ma in linea di massima con l’ultima versione rilasciata (1.3) sembra funzionare discretamente. Non credo di aver colto il senso delle stanze base a prezzi differenti perché non c’è scritto quali effetti (se ce ne sono) abbiano. Se a qualcuno interessa CUBY (il mobble rilasciato in esclusiva per l’E3 di Los Angeles), aggiungetemi (lo scambio per un Mobble che non ho, non inviatemi richieste di scambio con quelli che ho già, grazie), nick: Johnx

I like it a lot. Gps is not that accurate. But works

Need something more than feeding. Battle and Breeding to get rare Mobbles will be great!!!!!

I got this for my son and now we are playing together, love it. Hope you guys add more Mobbles soon.

1. Please make it possible to know which Mobble you’re choosing for trade when you have duplicates! I keep losing the ones I’m trying to level up and then I have to start over. :\ 2. I love that you can move rooms and Mobbles around. 3. I LOVE the background music! I hum it all the time. ^_^ 4. The animations are adorable. 5. A battling platform would be awesome! This is a really cute, fun game! I especially love catching them when we go out on errands. ^_^ Can’t wait to see what future updates have!

Best but when i have a outfit on a mobble and i trade ot then got the same mobble i mean i catch it and still the outfit from the shop sayes i have it but cant put it on i am lv3 …but nice game.if someone wants to add me petar.peshov It is awsome but

it’s great to get people moving and interacting with the environment.can’t wait to see the positive changes that will be made to this game!

This game is pretty addicting. Animations are awesome and the gameplay is simple and intuitive.

I like it, its a really good way to take time and travel to see what you can catch. Haha its a really good app

I heard about the game on game trailers and had to give it a try. Sort of like Pokemon and nintedogs all in one. Kids would love this game. Only issue, it requires net access to catch mobbels. Too bad this did not work on GPS alone.

This is something the droid has been missing desperately. The microtransaction prices are a bit high though. The core game is a materpiece. Wish I could rename my creatures. And randomly occuring minigames would rock.

Fun interactive game! Very entertaining! But, it really could use something along the lines of a battle area or a park to place your mobbles for them to mingle with Mobbles around the world? Something that makes Mobbles more user and social friendly


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