Monster Evolution – Evolution does not pass in vain

[Game] Monster Evolution

Monster Evolution

  Are you interested in destruction, interesting to crush and mayhem?

Do not just break it – but sweep whole cities? Then you will definitely like our epic game Monster Evolution: hit and smash! Feel yourself in the role of a dino monster, which was able to evolve to huge proportions and now crashes cars, trees, buildings and everything that meets it on the way.

Where did this monster come from, it’s probably not clear, maybe it was born because of radiation and now this sea dragon evolves and becomes stronger and stronger every day. Evolution does not pass in vain – the dino monster has added to its immense power a new destructive regime. Turn on the rage and become an invincible aggressive dragon, smash everything in your path! Punch down buildings, crush houses to bits with an epic monster in a real simulator of destruction!

Whom, in fact, is this incredible monster decide for yourself. Perhaps this is a dinosaur of the Jurassic period, perhaps a dragon, or an alien hunter. Whom he was not – he looks very epic, more epic than any dinosaur of all known dinosaur games.

The game uses a realistic physical model of destruction, so it’s very interesting and effective to destroy buildings and other objects! Absolutely everything that can be met at a level can be destroyed – cars, houses, trees, ships, gas stations, freight cranes and much much more.

The main game features:

 Realistic physics of destruction
Modern and beautiful 3d graphics
Several unique, manually created game levels
Detailed and realistic dino monster sounds and pleasant background music
Unique and interesting game playIn the game there are several modes of passing levels – this is a quest for the time and free play mode. Go through the quests for a while to open other levels, play a free game to earn more resources. Resources you need to increase the power of the monster dinosaur, and very soon for the resources you can change the appearance of the dinosaur and maybe even open new ones! Wait for updates – very soon you are waiting for new locations, new modes, new monsters and many interesting things!Forward to destroy, smash and break! Arrrrghghhh!

Monster Evolution user reviews :

This game is so much fun and I can’t wait for new levels to be added in the future because it’s so much fun and I just LOVE fighting the bosses.

its a good game its fun you get to destroy everything in your way so play it and give good responds they tried hardly to make thisgame so play it and do it they madeit for us

Very nice game, pls add more monsters and add boss level

Hello again. I just wanted you to make a frog monster or the Skullcrawler. Or both!

An amazing game! But you can’t stop your monsters.

Thanks this is like a godzilla game and the spikes are not really like godzilla i like it

This game is good but the controls are so bad you can’t stop walking you don’t have 20 atomic breath you need to wacth a ad to get one more atomic breath and you can’t get 2 7 or 9 just say this (do you want to watch a ad to get two atomic breath or do you want to use your atomic breath) that will be fine just do that but you just did not want to do it but the games is still good i give 5 stars but one more thing about the cars (oh look godzilla lets just stop so he can move or litrally kill us)

This game is pretty has many kaiju like Godzilla mechagodzilla cyborg kong and I guess I can say zilla.the controls are not as good can’t stop walking and you can’t upgradeanything.i give it a 3 star for the attacks,models,creativity,and the fact that you get to be popular monsters reemagined.

This is a great game, you can destroy entire citys with a perfect level of ease, I only wish their were more monsters to unlock Monsters are Godzilla, King Kong, MeachaGodzilla, and King Ghidorah (who looks like Smoug from the Hobbit) along with two other monsters who are unike in their own respect. Allso there is a new monster coming out that looks like it will be a yeti or sasquach

This game is so so so good that I could play this game for a hour. I played this game for the first time I believe like in 2019 around there and it was boring in that time but now you stepped the game up like a lot. When godzilla vs king kong came out I was trying to find a game that has godzilla and I remembered about this game and I was like I need to play this game again so then I downloaded this game again and now I am not deleting this game no more.btw can you add gigan and king ghidorah

I love this game but I would like if the future levels can be cities but big ones like Tokyo, Hong kong, Boston and more. But I give this game 5 star because it’s AWSOME.

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