Monster Puzzle Village – Enjoy great missions and graphics

[Game] Monster Puzzle Village

Monster Puzzle Village  Did you know monsters love playing with puzzles in their village?

Exciting puzzle adventure with cheeky monsters
We welcome you to “Monster Puzzle Village”. Enjoy great missions and graphics!

Move the jewelry and set it in the same shape.
Clear missions and find treasure in “Monster Puzzle Village”!
Experience 500 different stages!

Play Method
Move jewelry and match at least three identical colored jewelry.

Game Features
numerous levels
We have 500 stages with continuous updates.

Play games without entrance restrictions, but you don’t need data!
There’s no limit to games like life hearts, so you can play as much as you want!
Play Offline Without Data (Internet) Connections!
Don’t worry about Wi-Fi!

flashy graphics and simple manipulation
It’s an easy game to play if you can match 3 gems of the same color.
It’s easy to learn, but not easy to master!

low-capacity game
It’s a low-capacity game, so you can download it without any pressure.

1. If in-game does not save, the data will be initialized when the application is deleted.
The data is also initialized when the device is replaced.
2. It’s a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements.
3. Front, banner, and visual advertising.”

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Customer Service : enp_casual_cs[at]

Monster Puzzle Village user reviews :

Half the time the videos that are supposed to be played in order to receive bonus rewards are not available. I questioned support about it: their reply was not supportive (let’s just leave it at that). It’s also frustrating to watch the game “play” itself (multiple combos causing more and the next thing you know, the game is done).
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, I still have a lot of missing parts I will try to show you how to develop more If you have any suggestions or inquiries, please contact the customer center and we will forward them to the developer. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support
Really like this game. Fun to play not many ads unless you want to get coins or bonus items. Try it. No buffering or freezing At level1201 and can’t go any further. Is there any other levels or is this the end of the game? Did an update but no more levels showed up. Whats going on with the game?
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, We will provide feedback to the developers so that they can be updated quickly. We will do our best to meet your expectations. Thank you for your support. Thank you. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support
Bit early to say really as I have just started playing it. I am on level 26 at the moment, but I am finding this game easy to understand,and as I move up the levels I may have more to say on it. It’s fun and is keeping occupied and I am 62yrs young. In these days of turmoil it is a breath of fresh air
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, Enjoy playing and we will make it a more fun game. Thank you Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support
At first, I didn’t really think I would like this game because of the goofy looking bees. I hate bugs and to have one as a helper turned me away from this game. After playing however, I find myself really enjoying this game. I love the snails, monsters, and icecream cones. It’s a fun little monster town. Five out of five for me.
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, I still have a lot of missing parts I will try to show you how to develop more If you have any suggestions or inquiries, please contact the customer center and we will forward them to the developer. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support
DID love this game…. not anymore!!! At level 378 and any moves made, result in the item to be collected being STUCK into one of the IMPOSSIBLE to move, outside corners!!! Result…. NO WAY to achieve goal!!! FIX IT!!! Otherwise, bye bye!!! Sad too that the same boring, in excess of 30sec ads continue!!! BORING, waste of time!!! Former rating was 5 now a ZERO!!! (Fun, great graphics, ez on “older” eyes, but I need more ….)
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, Please take a screenshot and contact customer service. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support
Its a great game to play I love the colors and the levels are very easy to pass
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, Thank you for having fun with our game. for your support for the game Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support
Great game love the way the monsters look and awesome graphics. Thank you for your time on working with the game. I’m pleased very much.
  • ENP Games
  • Greetings, I’m glad you liked the game Thank you for your support. Best Regards, ENPGames Customer Support

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