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[Game] Monsters with Attitude

Monsters with AttitudeMonsters with Attitude : Come and join the Monster gang, whether solo or by teaming up with friends.

Experience a brand-new take on IO gameplay with Monsters with Attitude! This online multiplayer game has players take control of Monsters who brawl against one another in PVP battles to grow and become the biggest in the arena to win.

This new free-to-play game comes from the creators of the hit game Royal Revolt 2. So from dragons and other fantasy creatures in the previous game, Monsters with Attitude introduces a new quirky cast of heroes from out of this world! Their spacebus takes them from one planet arena to another for battles.


Up to 8 players can brawl together in this PvP monster multiplayer game. Grow BIG by smashing up the arena and by brawling with other Monsters. As you grow in size, your Monster becomes more powerful allowing you to bash smaller players and destroy even more of the fully destructible environment. Fight multiple enemies at once, or clash in a duel. Become the hunter when you’re the biggest Monster and become the hunted when you’re small. Be the biggest at the end of the round to win.


This is a PVP game that can be played with friends online. Team up and brawl together, whether this be in competitive ranked battles or more friendly non-ranked battles – the choice is yours! Join up with 3 friends in ranked PVP battles for a 4v4 if you’re the competitive type, but remember this is free-for-all, so you may get bashed by your friends!


SMASH up the city! SMASH up the forest! DESTROY everything! The entire planet becomes a gigantic arena for your monsters to brawl in and evolve. Battle in real-time multiplayer and challenge adversaries from all over the world in this fast-paced online PvP combat.


In this online PVP game with IO gameplay, bigger is better! The more energy you collect from smashing the environment (forest, cities, theme parks, space stations and more!), and bashing other Monsters, the more you’ll grow. You can upgrade your monsters to unlock new abilities and to improve the power of existing abilities, in addition to improving your overall Monster start size in battle. You’ll need to upgrade your Monster collection, in order to become a legend, but you’ll need to top the leaderboards and collect the best rewards.


In this 3D action game every combat arena is a planet where the epic free-for-all brawl battles takes place. Destroy the city and its surrounding forest to feed your avatar and uncover useful power-ups. Smash up and destroy all the landscape to get ahead of your opponents in the intense PvP battles. Brawl with other opponents to help you grow and remember the more you brawl, the bigger you become in order to attack other Monsters!


Easy to learn, hard to master – this game is a perfect mix of fast fun for the more casual gamer but also has a layer of more strategic gameplay for more experienced gamers with evolving gameplay as you progress. This multiplayer game is smashing good fun!


Get to know all the Monsters with their unique abilities, grant them specific hero like roles on the battleground. Collect the abilities and the Monsters in order to upgrade them.

The game is free, so come join the gang and fight your way up to the top in this fast-paced online multiplayer game, inspired heavily by IO games where you brawl against other players to reach the top. Make use of familiar RPG mechanics to upgrade your Monster stats and unlock new awesome abilities.

Monsters with Attitude is an online PvP multiplayer game, with IO gameplay and PvP arena combat which is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased online for real money. Parents information:

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Monsters with Attitude user reviews :

Really ? No this game is just amazing incredible why this game is so addictive its graphicsare just epic pc like performance nice gameplay you can get free awesome skins it have leardbords,get new prizes and the fighting is just…i like this game soooo much!!!i recommend to play this game or try? Whatever in one word Game mindblowing.

So far so good, I just wish the game would turn in landscape mode during a match because there is not much space to control your character. But it seems like an interesting game and the graphics are nothing fancy but fun. and please stop the blinking of that match button. it’s aggressive!

Epic Game!! I don’t usually care for these types, but this is brutal!! Grab what you can and get big quick! Don’t believe the premium hype.. there is no need to pay.. you just have to save your rubies for gold.. One thing though..add more monsters.. needs more styles

It’s a real fantastic game. Graphics are suprisingly good, I think it is playable if you keep it up to date, bring more futures, more monsters. However the controls could be more specific like buttons or a joystick we can see and not moving on the screen. Overall this is an amazing game!

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