Morning routine – Life is made by habit

[App] Morning routine – successful people’s habit

Morning routine  1. Lighter apps without adding more.

2. Simple and neat UI
3. An easy-to-make routine
4. Routine statistical function
5. Routine statistical backup function
6. Dark mode support

Successful people all have their own morning routines.

Life is made by habit, and it will continue to be.

He who controls habits rules life.

Developers are always waiting, so please review them or contact us via email below :)

Morning routine user reviews :

Love the simplicity and power of this app. Timed Steps, in a sequence allow you to plan out your routines at any time of the day. 2 features I want to see are using multimedia as a step, I.e. video, audio or image, and the second one is to bring back the overall time that the routine takes, that was very useful information which I am not sure why it was removed during the Gui update. I need that for understanding how my routine fits into my overall schedule and what time I need to wake up.
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  • Overall time of the routine will be added in next update. I’ll consider your suggestion about video, audio or image for each habit. Thank you for your detail feedback
This is precisely the simple routine app I was looking for. Good job, dev :) Unfortunately, there is some sort of bug preventing me from purchasing premium to remove ads. I get to the Google Play pop-up and try to click Buy, but the button is non-functional!
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  • Hmm.. I’ll check this bug. Sorry for your inconvenience.
I am using Garmin paired with my mobile. It will vibrates for new notifications.When I start the routine timer, for every of second the Garmin get new notification and vibrates. check does same will happen for other activity tracker also behave same.
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  • Would you be more specific, please? It helps to solve the problem.
No bug update but advertisement update.
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  • is the drag bug not fixed?
Best appp every. Simple and amazing!
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  • Thank you. Please use it a lot.
Great app. Love that you can link tasks to apps etc. Well put together. Maybe a day view with just the Routines for that day would be a good idea, separate from the full list? And looking forward to widgets… seen in a reply for another review that you’re working on it. Thanks for such a great app.
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  • Thank you for your review! Today’s routine feature is being prepared. Please be looking forward for it
The app is really good. The fact that its free is great. Please improve the overall theme of the app, It looks dull now. My suggestion is to add round shapes to dialogue and create a modern design. Overall a great app… Kudos to the developer
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  • Thank you for your suggestions! I’ll reflect your suggestions as soon as possible!
It’s not :( Still can’t drag tasks, and switch their places. When I try to, they just disappear.
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  • Hmm.. i’ll check this bug again and fix as soon as possible!
It’s excellent! Only thing missing is a widget. :D
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  • The widget feature is also currently being prepared. Thank you for your great opinion!
Excellent App… something that i needed..great work dev
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  • Thank you for using my app
Love the app and I’m a fan of the UI redesign. I’d say it’s perfect apart from a few typos and a bug that doesn’t let me adjust the duration of recommended habits, but it’s as easy as quitting out and opening the app again to adjust it.
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  • We will try to improve the shortcomings you mentioned. Thank you!
It’d be great if the app allows you to check off the tasks under each routine. For example drinking water doesn’t need to be timed. It should be measured by a simple yes or no. If more task types are available the app would be very useful. Most importantly, please allow app to leave screen on when the timer is running because I often have to pause my activities to turn the screen back on.
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  • Thank you for your idea. We’ll consider updating for task types
This would be hands down the best routine timer apps, but I cannot use this app on my android 10 watch. The app opens, but the buttons do not work. Being able to consolidate data from multiple devices and more icons would also be great! Would definitely pay a higher premium cost for these features!
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  • Thanks for the great comment! I will make sure to reflect it!
Update; left a review saying the app was perfect save for some notification issues and a task reorder bug, developer responded promptly and promised an update, which I thought was awesome. Anxiously awaiting the update because I really do like this app and all the features it already has, it’s the only one I’ve found whose features perfectly suit my needs.
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  • Thank you for your meticulous review. I’ll fix the reorder bug and add the new features that you said as much as possible!
I don’t like the fact that weeks start on Sunday, I’d prefer my weeks to start on Monday (but I can live with this). As a shift worker, I’d love to be able to save routines without binding them to specific days and then pick a routine the night before (eg tomorrow I will do routine A). Other than this, it’s close to perfection
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  • Thanks for the great comment! I’ll consider the feature you said

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