Mr Meat – Be the zombie catcher

[Game] Mr Meat – Horror Escape Room

Mr Meat  The zombie plague arrived to your neighborhood!

Your neighbor, the butcher, is a zombie hungry of blood. He has no soul and only wants kill, to have blood and fresh meat to eat. He has become a serial killer and his house in a mix between a haunted house and a prison. This creepy zombie, known as Mr. Meat, is a serious criminal case. His new hostage? A girl. She is locked in this prison house that seems a haunted house. Death is after her, your scary zombie neighbor is going to slay her…if nobody avoid it. Your mission is rescue her and save her life!

How to do it in this horror game adventure?

The walking dead can hear your moves, use this to your advantage and hide to mislead him. If their eyes catch you, he’ll try to kill you!
Solve puzzles to rescue the girl alive from the house of the serial killer.
Use the gun and be a sniper! Be the zombie catcher that this game needs! Action is guaranteed!
Enjoy excellent ambiental sounds and graphics during your jail break!

If you want a realistic, creepy and scary sniper, zombie catcher experience, play now ‘Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room’. Action, blood and fear assured!

Headphones are recommended for a full experience against the walking dead neighbor.

In each update new content will be available to solve this criminal case. We are open to suggestions by email or in the review section!

This horror game contains ads.

Mr Meat user reviews :

My most favorite game of all world games. Just amazing game. You should download it. But first play in ghost mode to explore mysteries. I have completed in all 3 endings more than twenty times. Played so much that I now know complete story more than anyone else except about his wife. But I have one problem. My game is not updating. Please just fix it. I want to see secret ending. Over all best game.

I like the story and it really did scare me when mr meat is close. The one thing that bothered me in this game is that you can’t really save both the girl who turned into a pig and the woman who got kidnapped. I wish I could save both of them in the same game. Another thing that really bothers me is when I am playing ghost mode to practice and an ad shows up every thirty seconds or so.

The game is kind of fun. I completed these two chapters one by one and try practicing everyday. The reason I gave 4 stars because of bugs and others. You should add more secrets and different escapes. Any way it is the very cool funny and horror games.

The update they added in was without a doubt magnificent, but Mr. Meat is very hard to avoid ( even in easy mode ) please fix this. However I’ve noticed several hints that may be showing a clear connection of this game and all the other games. Once IS4 is released, I strongly recommend they create a sequel to Mr Meat. Thank you.

This is my favorite one (out of Mr. Meat, The Nun, and Ice Scream). I love the layout of the house and the different endings and the hidden happy ending and I really like that the pig can kill you too. I loved it so much I bought the ad free version. I really hope they make a sequel

This game is very excellent games In ghost level it we does not see fro. the dr meat and finding the things And I escape from the ghost level and cure my sister and another level are not similar in each there something new and find the clues the another there car or something else . ..Hurry I won the ghost level .. Difficulty are there in the game we ensure to escape the house to adventures!!..

Listen. You all might think this is a fun little horror game but its not. This game was based of a true story where a man used to kill and eat his victims for fun. Look it up yourself. Next time before you say how “fun” and “goofy” something is, remember what happened to countless victims.

I do the ghost mode and every time ad is over another one comes and every time the scientist comes mr meat kills him and then I have to keep starting over and the little girl is so annoying she keeps running away this is why I give it 2 stars

It is a very good game but, this game is based on real life avents, Joseph Metheny, a cannibal who soled human meat burgers made out of he’s own victims, also do not get this game if you are scared easily it is accessible to any age but I wouldn’t recommend giving this to a child as again it is based on real life..

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