Multi Stopwatch – Perfect for every timing situation

[App] Multi Stopwatch & Timer

Multi Stopwatch  Multi Stopwatch is multi functional stopwatch & timer application which allows you to launch multiple stopwatches and timers at the same time.


Easy to use.
User friendly and simple and intuitive interface.
Customize the app as you wish.(You can Customize the UI to match the feeling of you.)
Timers of all kinds. Multiple Stopwatch & Timer. Perfect Control of them can.
Energy-saving design.
Perfect for every timing situation.(sport, game, cooking, work, wake up alarm, etc…so on.)


Multiple stopwatches.
Multiple timers.(Alarms.)
Count up timer.
Count down timer.
Interval timer. ( Repeat timer. )
Lap time. Split time.
Custom function. (The Customize the design of the application.)
Select alarm sound.
Settings for sleep. (Keep awake.)
changing switch order.
Full screen.

Custom function (The Customize the design.)
Adjust color.
Change size.
Select font.
Set title name.(naming)
And more available.

Multi Stopwatch user reviews :

This is an awesome app! As a Manufacturing Engineer I do a lot of time studies and this is perfect. I can setup different elements to time and don’t have to stop, clear and restart for the next one. Five star all the way!!!

Nice, simple and handy app when there is a need to use multiple stopwatches at once.

Great and easy to use. Customisable colors make it easy to view.

Very simple to use, nice choices for alarms, etc., works great!

Easy to use. Hope it has a full screen view soon for 10 stop watches

This is a great app for having multiple countdown timers (or even just for a single one), as well as for stopwatches. I just wish the one I bought on the Amazon appstore would communicate with the Amazon appstore properly on my Android 10 device (because it doesn’t always, but it does on my Kindle Fire). So, I got this ad-supported version from Google Play, which is the same, except with ads.

I really like it… it would have a 5 star .. if it would confirm that you want to delete a timer/stopwatch… you dont know how many times I’ve accidentally hit delete… :/ when i automatically try to hit the lap button after immediately realizing i missed the lap button (and opened the menu which has the delete right where the lap button was) … kinda like when you automatically hit the backspace button when your hands realize it hit the wrong key ..

For those who don’t want the stopwatch to Lap everytime you tap Stop, tap the Wrench icon for settings. There is a setting there that turns off that feature as well as many other useful optional features. Do not complain about features and behaviors that you the user actually can control.

This is a terrific app for calculating compression fraction in CPR training. The only thing missing is an in-app calculator to allow us to express one timing as a percentage of the other. Very pleased with this app

This app is very good and very useful specially in time trial, i just wish that you can sort the time from fastest to slowest so that you can rank the time easily. Hoping the developer of this app can add this feature.

My alarm app rings even though the app is closed, but this timer app doesn’t. It rings once the app is reopened again.

The Best app for multiple timer, very simple yo use. The obly thing that I hate too much are the ads

Nice but it would be good to have also the opportunity to save the records in each category

Best one It keeps on running even if device is turn off…. Really helpfull product.

Amazing, can be used for various events, very useful.

It’s great. Only thing it needs is to be able to edit the times. Thanks!

Great for running multiple stop watches simultaneously

This is hands down the best stopwatch app for anyone who needs to keep track of their time (I’ve already tried at least 15 different apps). I work in the largest public accounting firm in the world and I use this every day. You can rename your entries and it still runs in the background so you don’t have to worry about it stopping if you close out of it. Very user friendly and does exactly what I need.

i was using this and now i hate where it laps everytime i stop the stopwatch.

Great free app. Work well for my business

I LOVE this app! The customization features – different names & colors for different timers (even able to custom mix your own colors!); the ability to move any of the timers in the list up or down; that the timers keep working in background, so you can use other apps in the foreground; etc. are THE BEST I HAVE FOUND in any stopwatch/timer app! I use this app nearly every day – it really helps to track my daily goals/tasks. I love this free app so much that, even though I almost always only use free apps (ad-supported apps) I would pay for this app – not only to remove the ad banner on the top (which is not really bothersome at all), but just to encourage and thank the developer of this wonderful app.

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