Murder Mystery – Use your skills of deduction to solve mysterious criminal cases

[Game] Murder Mystery – Detective Investigation Story

Murder Mystery

  Finally!!! More than just a Hidden Objects Game!

Put your detective investigation skills to the ultimate test in Murder Mystery – a realistic, immersive criminal investigator game. Starting in London you’ll use your skills of deduction to solve over 60 complex, mysterious criminal cases from multiple homicides to assassinations!

Explore realistic dialogue options to learn information about each case – conduct interrogations, inspect bodies, analyze the crime scene and more. Maybe you’ll find something that doesn’t seem quite right. Does the husband of the victim act a little strange? Or maybe the murder weapon has fingerprints… as the detective, it’s your job to find out.

As you gather more clues you’ll build up a picture of what happened and come to your own conclusion – successfully solve the crime to unlock the next case!


Over 60 mysterious criminal cases to investigate
Discover clues, analyze crime scenes, interview and interrogate characters
Cases vary in difficulty, challenging investigations of all skill levels!
Use logic & deduction to solve cases correctly
Realistic dialogue for an immersive murder mystery experience
More exciting cases coming soon!

Fans of crime and mystery books, puzzles, and challenging riddles will love our murder mystery game. With story-driven gameplay and lots of different theories to explore for each case, you’ll be piecing clues together and solving crimes like Sherlock Homes or Poirot!


Murder Mystery user reviews :

Pro: Different cases have different difficulties and I like the story lines. Cons: 1) When you’re investigating certain angles, an event happens to move you forward in the investigation, but it doesn’t allow you to go back to finish the prior angle, meaning you miss things. You have to quit and start all over to get all info. 2) On solve screen, you have to press your entry in the menu several times for it to accept it, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

Not a bad way to kill time. Could do with a casebook so a player could add notes or review the investigation. It’s good to see a lack of ads but the one thing that always makes me cringe with this type of game is the translation. Its fine to pop things through Google translate but they need to be proof read by someone with a good grasp of English. So many grammatical errors, which I could over look if the game wasn’t set in London. All in all tho a pretty enjoyable game.

Challenging in a good way. Its not easy but it does give you enough to figure out the cases. Best murder solving game I’ve seen so far. Simple and perfect game play. It’s easy to be wrong too if you don’t really pay attention to details. The game has a dark undertone but its fitting seeing that most cases are about murders. Not recommended for younger people. Music and photos can be creepy but fit the game. No ads so far so that’s great. Overall very good game!

I love these games! I never write reviews but this game is amazing. I’m not sure how I stumbled on it, but I thought it was going to be another hidden objects game. I was wrong! You actually investigate clues to solve the mystery and not not silly pictures. The story line is great and if you get stuck they do have clues. Some games just let you stay stuck until you give up trying. Can’t wait to keep playing!!!

This game is great. The cases are well though out and the investigations well interesting, with much originality and difficulty. It is a fresh break from typical “hidden object” and energy-based detective game. Only, I’d suggest some options to be present for a more engaging interface and a sort of system with which you can track all clues.

Really fun game to play. I have to make sure I have the time for each scenario or I lose track. This game is unlike others. It is a role play and a mystery to solve. Very unique and I really hope the Devs keep on this track, improving… NOT CHANGING, but staying true to the concept they have developed. I encourage those who play and give it 5 stars to support them so we all can see more unique and fun games like this one. Peace, Blake E. Baby

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