Murders on Budapest – Who is the killer

[Game] Murders on Budapest – Visual Novel Detective

Murders on Budapest  Doyle, lost in the mountains during a blizzard, finds a group of fellow hikers.

The stranded hikers are offered food and shelter at a grand estate. But when they try to leave, one of them turns up dead.

Who is the killer?
No matter who you think it is, you’re in for a surprise!

Enough with predictable mysteries!
Try the comic murder mystery “Murders on Budapest: Comic murder adventure story game” and choose your own mystery. Whoever you think the killer is, you’re in for a surprise.

An estate full of suspects!
A group stranded in a blizzard come upon a grand estate.
But every time a doll goes missing, another body is found.
Who’s the killer? Can it be … me?!

Main Features
Easy to read story and plenty of images that even beginners can enjoy
Pay homage to the great mystery writers from Agatha Christie to Higashino Keigo.
Humor that breaks through the cliches of mystery stories
A choice-based, choose your adventure type gameplay
Discover new routes and choices the more you play
From RPG to arcade games, the story takes you through multiple genres
A visual mystery novel in a messenger app format

If you love story-driven games, messenger-based games, choice-based games, and/or visual novels, this game is good for you!

More things to point out!
This adventure game is FREE TO PLAY (F2P)!.
This game is a story-driven visual novel where you get to be a detective in a mystery novel.
This is a choice-based visual novel game so the story and ending will change based on your choices!
We still have so much more stories to tell. We will be bringing more visual novels, text-based, story-driven adventure games in the future
If you like this game, take a look at our other games, ‘7 Days’ and ‘Underworld Office’. You won’t be disappointed!

We recommend this game to….
Gamers with a passion for visual novel games, adventure games, messenger style games, and/or games where you actively build connections with other characters
Gamers who like mysteries or light novels
Gamers looking for Free to Play games, indie games, or mystery games
Games who like light novels, mystery movies, or novel-based games.
This game is for people who find your same old usual copy-paste story-driven games boring
Gamers who are looking for OG indie games such as Undertale

Mind-blowing, comic mystery!

Murders on Budapest user reviews :

For real you’ll see multiple endings. It’s a pretty new and mysterious game.The story and everything is really great. But you can’t play it in peace without paying them. They want you to watch ads every 5 minutes or less. This is annoying. You can’t move further unless you pay them or watch ads hell lot of times. That really ruins the experience of the game. Not playable with that as of now. Rest it’d be great

This was a really good game! I found it intriguing and I like how the mystery slowly builds up over time! My only problem is the ticket system. I don’t like how you have to watch ads or pay for more tickets. I get that you need to make money,but you can release a paid version of the games with extra side quests that aren’t in the free version. Like-the free version moves the story and the paid version has stuff slowing it down a bit

This is overall a great game, love the story and how it changes the next time. But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I got the ending where you find out that SPOILERS He’s a mental patient, then played again and got “I want a do-over” instead of what Pluto described as “an ending that’s out of this world.” And yes, I took all the pills possible. Also, medicated ending didn’t even save! Also, what was Pluto’s plot about and how did it connect with anything?
  • Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
  • Hello. In Murders on Budapest, you can get hints about certain endings. If you meet the conditions, you’ll see the endings. We hope you enjoy the journey. Thank you so much for playing our game and have a great day

I love the story itself and the humor (I should also learn that adorable attack skill lol). I still didn’t figure out how to get those medicated endings. Guess I have to try again, I probably missed something. I’d like to know the amount of pills mc has taken and it’s not available anywhere in the menu. Idk if it was intended to be like that, but it’s the only complaint that I have. Tickets are really cheap and I don’t mind buying them, as the plot is interensting and the game is worth it

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