MUSYNX – Bring you the ultimate audio experience


MUSYNX  Brand new independent rhythm game – MUSYNX now on Google Play!

High quality graphics using each pixel of the retina screen to create beautiful game images !

No matter your screen size or finger thickness, we guarantee you an enjoyable gaming experience!

With professional sound processing and high quality audio, MUSYNX will bring you the ultimate audio experience.

Let melodious sounds flow from your fingertips with every single touch. Experience the fun of playing real sounds and tunes!

Our classic game design allows you to identify each dropping note at the highest speed. Play to the tunes of popular songs and stars such as M2U!

We will never stop updating and improving our game interface!

MUSYNX user reviews :

This is actually pretty good, but theres really not much music I really like. But anyways, the game isn’t too strict for the game. In other games, the offset is really strict or whatever. But maybe just make it a bit more strict because I just keep getting exacts. Thanks!

Still lacks alot.. No home menu, no setting menu No tutorial for new players not yet fans of music games, The inferno button doesnt work Setting doesnt save after exiting game, note speed resets to 4.0, When opening the game it just put you on the song select menu, its still lacks alot of stuff, needs more polishing.. but the game itself is nice, would love to see some improvements on this one

This game is fantastic! Some good level design great for playing thumbs only. When you first load ths game the levels may seem off sync. To fix this you need to go into advanced settings when loading a song and adjust the judgement until it notes feel in sync with music. For me I had +86 running on an LG30+. Usually this would drop a star from me, however the runway theme saved it for me. Edit on October 13: Cant select Inferno Difficulty. It always freezes on black screen.

Honestly, meh. The touch area is kinda ridiculous, only a straight thin line. The sync, oh my god. Irritating. At some point it sync, most of it no. And the exact thing just too distracting and annoying. I love the songs and art tho. There’s no even calibration… Overall it’s not so enjoyable.

Great game, I’ve got EX in all the normal songs a few EX and some S’s in hard. Really fun to play and enjoyable, for me. Only problem is there’s a specific song with an inferno option and when I click it the screen goes black and nothing happens. Other than that all in all great game, hope there’s more songs added in the future.

I love this game so much I can’t stop playing it honestly their music is amazing and wonderful you can pick the speed and stuff honetsly if I could I would rate it more than 5 stars I love love love this game and I recommend yall downloading it!

Looks fancy, plays terrible. The UI is confusing and it seems to not even have any proper rhythm game mechanics. I managed to get 510 combo with 540 perfects by simply randomly mashing the screen. Not kidding, I started up a hard song that was faster than I could handle and by just mashing the screen I got a high perfect combo. The ever changing themes and angles at which notes move at you are also confusing, while attractive to look at. Better games out there if you want a rhythm game.

I like this game played for a while before i said anything and i like that its not perfect to click the just really need to be timing right and then your a god but needs more challenging vibing music and the ppl in the reviews saying dont get this they are bad and blame the game i see nothing wrong;just get good thank you have a nice day Best rhythm game ive definitely played on mobile

The first I saw this game I think it’s boring because of the music but when I download it this game literally change my mind. If some one reading this you should download it this game is perfect. For those who love high quality and offline rhythm game. This game is fit for you pls try it this game is awesome

I love it! I just downloaded not too long ago and it’s amazing. I like how you can adjust the speed and tapping sounds. The music is fun to listen to, because I’ve never heard any of the music in this game before. Overall, wonderful game.

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