My Charming Butler – Untold secrets waiting to be discovered

[Game] My Charming Butler – Anime Boyfriend Romance

My Charming Butler  Your uneventful city life is taking its toll—until a chance encounter leaves you as the proprietress of Calico Manor.

Within this historic building are centuries of untold secrets waiting to be discovered, along with a trio of butlers sworn to help you… Although it doesn’t take long to realize the true mystery lies within your heart…


Meet Reiss — The Himalayan!

Part Himalayan, part human. Reiss is hot-headed and a true alpha-male. Despite his brazen foolhardiness and mischievous nature, he cares deeply for his two brothers. Can you break through his thorny exterior, revealing the soft heart within?

Meet Keith — The Blue Russian!

A Blue Russian and human mix, Keith identifies strongly with his human side, but struggles with his feline blood. Outwardly calm, his inner turmoil reveals itself in unexpected ways. Can you help him come to love himself?

Meet Sieg — The Scottish Fold!

Part Scottish-Fold and human, Sieg radiates an aura of mystery. His thoughts are an enigma, but behind those steely eyes lies a prodigious mind going to waste. More interested in lazing around than helping his brothers, are you the person to help reignite his passion?

My Charming Butler user reviews :

Really fun, I love the characters and the story and I definitely recommend it! Unfortunately, for some reason these last couple days I havent been getting my points rewards for watching ads, and so I cant get the rubies to make the choice that i want. I dont want to uninstall/reinstall in case my progress gets lost, but at this point I dont see any other option. I’ve watched 4+ ads and havent gotten any points for them. Other than this, it’s great! Adorable characters and a nice plot

I know it’s going to be amazing like the other Genius Inc games. You guys rock for life. I have played all the Genius Inc games and it always amazes me how awesome the games are there are never the same, it’s always a new adventure. I am always looking forward to playing your games. Keep up the amazing work and stay safe. Thank you for another amazing game. Can’t wait to started playing

This is already Purrfect! Same review, I love the storylines, characters, and its easy to get some rubies by playing a game! Waiting for the ticket is worth it! Im so amaze to you guys! Keep it up Genius inc i really played a lot of Genius inc. I love it

I love this story cause it`s cool but why the enemies soooooooo handsome !

Ive to been waiting this and now its finally out!all of the characters were so already downloading it cant wait to play because as i expected all of the apps of genius inc. were so entertaining and it never disappoint me

I love the game you make, they are all amazing, wonderful and superb

Ok, alright, desperately waiting for the new one and here it is…..!!! I love it

I was checking if Genius inc. Made a new otome game and when i saw THIS! I WAS IMMEDIATLEY DOWNLOADING IT! CAUSE I KNOW GENIUS INC.’S GAMES ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST

Alright, I Love All of Genius Inc’s games, They are Amazing so I Know This Is Gonna Be Amazing And I’m living for the character designs!

I love all Genius Inc. stories like this, Keep it up~ More boyfriends to comee~

It won’t be any exceptional game , every Genius inc. game is SUPERB , it will be best too

Your game is always the best and will be the best forever  LOVE ALL YOUR GAMES

This is going to be so exciting

I just have to say I am very impressed with Genius inc. I started out playing My Fake Marriage, and they have upgraded so much! I used to pay like 100 dollars for gems, but now all you have to do is play a mini game. It’s quite simple. I’m in love with this game, and again I’m so impressed with how they have upgraded there games.

Another awesome game made by Genius Inc! Totally worth my time,the character visuals and the character themselves are WOW,the plotline was a bit rushed and groggy but it doesn’t ruin the story and why does the enemy need to be handsome though I- The CG’s are awesome too but I don’t like the fact that the players could see the MC visual ’cause I personally imagine my character and I kinda got unmotivated to continue reading but it’s still an awesome game,you should check it out!

its more then masterpiece- like R L L Y more den MASTERPIECE- its 100% worth a try :D yet it still has the rubbie problem -v- but thats fine! download it cuz u dont wanna miss it

1,00000000000000000000000 highly recommend it love it just one thing is i want to choose all of them other than that its awesome

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