My Dog – Adopt and take care of your favorite puppy

[Game] My Dog

My Dog  Game Features

Puppy raising simulation game
Adopt and take care of your favorite puppy
64+ breeds of dogs
Play with your friends by visiting their homes
Try fun games to keep your puppy happy
Take great AR pictures with your puppy

My Dog is a simulation game where you can feed, train, play, and dress up your favorite puppies. After choosing among more than 70 unique dogs, you can design your home from a variety of furniture, decoration, and layouts. Then, you can invite or visit your friends to socialize with other puppies at home.

Instead of describing the main features, we want to share with you the story behind the development of this game. This story came from the creator of My Dog:

“Although I have participated in the development of several games, I have not been as excited with a new game as with My Dog because this game brings back a lot of good memories.

When I was little, my parents adopted a puppy that lived with us for longer than fifteen years. I still remember our first interaction; he could fit in my palm. As a child, I became his owner and did my best to take care of him. From an early age, I gained this sense of responsibility because of him but also developed a strong feeling of sympathy towards the dog community. I decided not to have another puppy after him because I knew it would be difficult to experience this absence again in the future.

At university, I kept thinking of ways to bring my puppy back to me by using technology. However, it was not until recently that I formed a dedicated team of engineers and artists to develop My Dog. I hope that players can raise their favorite puppy while bringing him everywhere with them, creating good memories.

If you find this story interesting, want to share your own story, or enjoy playing our game, please send us an email games[at] We hope that My Dog help reunites dog owners with his beloved friends and help our puppies find a loving family. Follow us on social media to get the latest updates

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My Dog user reviews :

Cute game BUT it takes up all your gems and gives you nothing in return. We have tried to mate 5 times and it’s cost 250 gems and we still have nothing WHAT A MASSIVE CON. Mating should give you 100% for puppies instead of a tiny amount like 9%, this is pathetic. We are both playing and both very disappointed in this very sweet cute game. Very very very

Fun game! Reminds me of the Nintendogs days which I’ve been dreaden lately. What really worries me though is the chat system; I’ve already seen too many inappropriate conversations from users that raises red flags. I just hope y’all are planning to add a way to monitor/restrict the chat more or at least let us be able to report said users.

Love, love! I am not allowed to have a dog irl but I can have a dog in digdetal mode! It just feels like having a real dog. So fun, creative, and so cute!!! Definitely recommend for you!

Was a good game until the update, I don’t like most of the things they changed. You pay for more things now, increasing friendships was easy but now you have to pay for that too. Time limits are way too long. overall the update kinda sucks, too many changes that I dislike but the dogs are still the best thing out of this. Only playing for them.

love this game so much the graphics is great but it has many things that needs to improve, it must have ways to earn more gold like minie games it will be great if the rose and nutriment will be cheaper the problem is its hard to earn gold and the items in shop cost too much. I hope we can upgrade the capacity of the nursery for more pregnant dog as well as the house to put out more dogs and decrease time for giving birth as and the rewards time, more gold and add gems as rewards in the battle

Absolutely adore this game, just one suggestion though, the game it’s self is amazing however, iv noticed alot of young people posting statuses such as asking for a girlfriend/boyfriend in real life and just thinking about the wide range of age groups on this game might lead to some issues regarding safety of children as its become a dating site in some ways… Just wondering if maybe differant servers for differant ages would he better to ensure safety of younger children? Love the game tho!
  • Boltrend Games
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star rating.
This game is helping me with the loss of my dog. I do worry about the ability to chat, as there are young children playing and I see inappropriate messages on the public playing board. Ability to private chat could also lead to children being targeted by adults, in an unsafe way.
  • Boltrend Games
  • Thank you so much for your kind words, we will keep it up.

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